Any Purchase of Electronic goods

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We will keep this simple. Many Stores/Retailers on ebay sell Electronic items (tv's, ipods, stereos, speakers, mixers, amps, lighting, whitegoods, etc), and have stunning Home pages with very informative text. Well done we say........

But for the Customer there are several traps to avoid when purchasing 'sight unseen', (which can be very daunting for some) :

1. Read their Feedback and all previous Purchasers comments (esp. relating to the item you want to buy).

2. Get confirmation if it's really 'NEW' or if it has been 'REFURBISHED' (many seem to leave this fact out & it causes all sorts of problems.)

3. Check their RETURN policy (refunds/credit, p&h return, etc)

4. Check their P&H to your postcode (& if they offer Insurance). If the P&H costs are very high "with quick delivery in 3 days from Hong Kong via EMS", watch out, this is probably a scam.

5. Do your Homework on the product before bidding. Caveat emptor.

6. Check if they offer 'Extended Warranties' & how much it is. Does their Warranty state that they will Repair it 'on-site' (your place), or that you have to send it back to them (who pays for this ?). Is it a 'Replacement' warranty or a 'Repair' Warranty ?

7. It can be very dangerous buying large/expensive items from Overseas (esp. China). We have known of many people being ripped-off by slick fraudsters from China making 'Second-chance offers' to ebayers, taking orders & money, then asking for more money for 'Customs/Tariffs etc' and never sending goods. (Beware of Mr Shuai Lv  from Beijing.) There are many other scammers & fraudsters listed on the ebay Community noticeboard sites.

8. Ask questions if you are not sure about anything. The reputable dealers will reply quickly with clear, honest information.

9. Only give appropriate Feedback once you are fully satisfied with the deal.

10. On the day you receive the item, test it, use all the functions, MAKE SURE it all works exactly/or better than what they said it would.
If not, send it straight back & get a refund/credit. Remember if it looks too good to be is !
Report any mischievious, misleading, inappropriate, spam, unsolicited offers you receive to ebay via

We have known of items being sold as NEW, when they actually were 'X-Rental/X-Hire', and when the purchasers received the item they needed to spend more money on  the item to get it to work properly. 

We hope this Guide has helped you.

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