Apple MacBook Pro Features 15-Inch Retina Display

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Apple MacBook Pro Features 15-Inch Retina Display

The MacBook Pro has always been meant for professionals. Boasting the highest power of any of Apple’s notebook options, the MacBook Pro comes the closest to replicating the computing power of a full-fledged desktop workstation. As each new model is released, better features are incorporated. The following guide discusses some of the best features of the Apple MacBook Pro.



One of the most alluring features of the MacBook Pro (from an aesthetic point of view) is the retina display. Containing more than five million pixels, this new display greatly reduces glare without sacrificing colours or vibrancy. Because of the huge number of pixels on the screen, it is nearly impossible to notice any lack in resolution.


Processing Power

The processing power of the 15-inch MacBook Pro is truly where the professional aspects of the product begin to shine. With quad-core Intel processors, the MacBook can run many applications without suffering in performance. This feature is extremely helpful to people who do heavy work in video editing, visual effects, or gaming.



As technology becomes more accessible, our computers and online lives become more graphics focused. Sometimes too many graphics on the screen can cause the device to lag, but with the Iris Pro Graphics card, the 15-inch MacBook can handle even the most intensive games and videos.



With two speakers (one on each side of the keyboard), the 15-inch MacBook Pro features clean stereo audio, giving more life to any sound files played on the device. Not only is the audio output strong on the laptop, but the input is as well. Dual internal microphones allow for sharper audio recording by reducing outside noise.



The MacBook Pro is made to perform, and the hardware inside is meant to handle anything that gets sent its way. From hardcore gaming to editing high-resolution video footage, the 15-inch model has just the right mechanics under the hood. Flash storage makes finding and accessing files quick and easy without putting too much stress on the computer.


Battery Life

One of the most appealing aspects of the MacBook Pro over a traditional desktop is the portability, but there are drawbacks to this feature as well. Portability requires a strong battery life. Fortunately, the 15-inch model boasts an eight-hour charge and over one thousand recharges. This charge should be enough to get anyone through the day, or at least to a point where they can recharge their computer. Due to the ability to adjust screen brightness, battery life can be greatly improved depending on personal use.



The MacBook Pro has always been a computer made for professionals, and with every new iteration, it continues to impress. This device combines the flexibility of a laptop with the horsepower of a desktop in one easily transportable device. These incredible features make the 15-inch MacBook Pro stand out over other laptops on the market. Although the newer MacBook Pros don’t include a physical disk drive, there are many alternatives, such as cloud computing. Overall, the 15-inch MacBook Pro with retina display is a must-have for any professional.

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