Apple Macbook Scams

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1.  Check the item location matches the currency of the Auction.  There's alot of acutions out there from the USA but the currency is in Euro's.  THESE ARE SCAMS. 

2.  Check what else the seller is selling, often scammers will list a whole bunch of items at the same time. ANOTHER SCAM

4.  Auctions that have "Email me for the best buy it now" and provide an email are dubious,  Make sure you always contact the seller through ebay.

5.  Check Feedback to see if they are good sellers

6.  Items from China are generally not a good investment

7.  Always be careful the scammers high jack other peoples ebay accounts with good feedback and pay pal verified so if u follow the above steps you'll be alot safer

Anyway Happy Bidding, Hope I can find a Mqcbook for myself soon!!!

Good Luck!!!
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