Apple Watch: Everything You Need to Know

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The auditorium at Apple Headquarters in Cupertino, California, was the place to be on 9 September 2014. That day, CEO Tim Cook announced a breakthrough piece of technology that would join the Apple family of devices early the next year - the Apple Watch. Designed to look like a miniature iPhone or iPod and work alongside the rest of your Apple devices, the look and function of this groundbreaking product are truly fascinating. Before making an investment in an Apple Watch, learning everything about it is essential.


What the Apple Watch looks like

The look of the Apple Watch provides users with both function and fashion. There are three distinct collections: Watch, Watch Sport, and Watch Edition. As of 2014, these collections offer users a variety of design elements, which they choose from to personalise both their appearance and experience.


Like the iPhone 6, which premiered on the same day, the Apple Watch comes in two sizes to meet different users' needs. The smaller size measures 38 mm high, whereas the larger size measures 42 mm high. Both sizes are easy to configure for the right or left wrist to accommodate both left-handed and right-handed wearers.


There are six different finishes for the face of the Apple Watch: a silver stainless steel and a black stainless steel, a silver aluminium and a grey aluminium, and an 18-karat yellow gold and a rose gold. Each of these finishes has the unique properties necessary to stand up to the rigours of daily wear and tear.


The largest area of the Apple Watch is its band, which is the reason the band is key to its overall look. Apple developed its watch with six general band options:

  • Link Bracelet
  • Sport Band
  • Leather Loop
  • Classic Buckle
  • Modern Buckle
  • Milanese Loop

All but the Milanese Loop come in a variety of colour and finish options for a total of 18 different Apple Watch band options. Each band is easy to switch out, giving users the ability to change the look of their Apple Watch according to the occasion.


What the Apple Watch does

The functions beyond simple time telling are what make the Apple Watch truly special. As part of an "ecosystem" of Apple devices, the Apple Watch joins the iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers to allow users a unique technological experience.


With the debut of OS X Yosemite on 16 October 2014, Apple introduced the world to a new way of using its devices. For the first time, its computer operating system and its mobile platform (iOS 8) work in perfect synchronicity, a concept the company dubs "continuity".

Apple Watch users enjoy even more use out of the connected functions of all their Apple devices by using the watch as a remote for their Apple TV, a keypad to answer text messages and emails, or a viewfinder on the iPhone's camera. This connection between the iPhone and Apple Watch takes place thanks to a Wi-Fi 802.11b/g and Bluetooth 4.0 connection, which, insiders say, is both super automated and highly efficient.


The small screen size of the Apple Watch makes it easy to transport, but it limits the number and extent of the applications it can effectively run. Therefore, Apple designed a specific slate of its signature applications in a scaled down version specifically for the Watch. As of 2014, these minimally include:

  • Activity and Workouts (Health application)
  • Alarm and Clock
  • Apple TV and iTunes controller
  • Maps
  • Photos
  • Remote Camera
  • Siri
  • Weather

The functionality of the Health and Fitness Tracker is a major focus of the Apple Watch. This application minimally includes reading body movement and heart rate as well as helping users track steps and calorie consumption throughout the day. However, the additional functions of the Apple Watch and its pairing with other Apple devices, particularly the iPhone, is what makes it stand out from a simple pedometre or health tracker.


How to buy an Apple Watch on eBay

As of the beginning of 2015, the different styles of Apple Watch are available to buyers worldwide. The reliable sellers on eBay represent an excellent place to find the exact design of Apple Watch you want in an easy, no-hassle environment.

Finding the right Apple Watch for you begins by typing a keyword into the general search bar located on any page of the site. From there, limit selections by including additional keywords such as size, band colour, or finish, to find the watch that's right for you.

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