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Sophisticated, incredible and beautiful. The iPhone has everything. Including a very, very large price. Suprisingly fast, easy to download music and applications. Everything is extremly easy to navigate through. Looks absolutely stunning, i would like to see another company make a prettier phone. Now here's what gets me thinking: iPod Touch is around $400, give or take. Now the iPhone has all the features of the Touch, aswell as what? Calls and text messaging. So for $500 extra, you can call friends and make and receive messages? This is confusing. You must take care of them, as they are designed to be curvy and cool. Making them prone to being dropped out of pockets. Another weird thing, you can't buy the iPhone outright for a set cost. You have to join a plan (24 months usually) to get it. And they charge a ridiculous amount of money. Something like $400 upfront, then $83 a month. For two years, then you get the phone locked to that network. And of course in two years time, the iPhone will have been superceeded. So, long story well long. If you have the money, and wouldn't kill yourself if you lost or broke it, then yes DEFINATELY get one. If you don't have and money, and/or will kill yourself if you break or lose it then don't.
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