Apple iPhone 4 Buying Guide

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Apple iPhone 4 Buying Guide

Apple's iPhone is one device that stands alone in the smartphone arena and is many people's go to device when it comes to communication. The iPhone 4 carries on the company's stellar reputation for producing high spec devices and eBay offers an excellent selection of both new and used devices for sale.

The following guide helps buyers identify the features of an iPhone 4 and explains the best way to buy one safely and securely using eBay.

What is an iPhone 4?

The iPhone 4 is the fourth-generation iPhone created by Apple. It is a touchscreen 3G smartphone, meaning it can be used for video calling, watching movies, listening to music, playing games and accessing the internet, as well as being used for standard calls and text messaging.

Bar the storage size, there are set specifications for every iPhone 4:

iPhone 4



Talk Time

7 Hours

Display Resolution


Storage Size

8, 16 or 32 GB

On-board Memory


Back Camera

5 Megapixel

Front Camera



1GHz Apple A4

Carriers (AU)

Vodafone , Telstra and Optus .

What is an unlocked iPhone 4?

· iPhones are locked to a specific network and will not work on any other network unless unlocked. This is fine for buyers who don't mind being tied to one carrier, but for buyers that want to switch networks or use their phone internationally, the phone will need to be unlocked. An unlocked phone will work with any SIM card from the GSM network.

  • Unlocked iPhones can be bought either seller-unlocked or factory unlocked. Factory unlocked means that either the phone was originally bought unlocked and carrier free by Apple. Seller unlocked means the phone was originally locked to a network and then unlocked by the user or network provider. Sellers can also unlock their iPhone with unapproved software, known as "jail breaking," which means the phone will lose its warranty and the user will be ineligible for customer support. Always remember to check how the phone was unlocked.

Storage Size

The iPhone 4 comes in three storage sizes: 8, 16 or 32GB with customers deciding on size for a number of different reasons. Some of the considerations are detailed in the bullet points below:

· The bigger the drive, the more room there is on the phone for games, music, movies and applications.

· The larger the drive, the more expensive the phone is.

· With advancements in technology, users now have the option to use cloud based storage instead of storing everything on the phone, or streaming content from the internet on the device. This allows users to buy a phone with a smaller storage size.

Why should you buy an iPhone 4?

Compared to previous models (iPhone 3 and iPhone 3GS), the iPhone 4 has a slim design that also acts as the phone's antenna. It is the first iPhone to have the retina display, meaning that the display now has a 960x640 pixel resolution that allows the human eye to notice any pixilation. On top of that there's also a front camera for video calling as well as improved performance and speed.

How to buy an iPhone 4 on eBay

· There are a number of iPhone 4's available on eBay to purchase. They are sold without being tied to a contract, making them an ideal gift or phone upgrade to be used on a month-to-month plan.

· To easily find an iPhone 4 on eBay, first go to the ‘Electronics' category on the home page and from the drop down list that comes up select ‘Mobile Phones & Accessories'. From here pick the ‘ Mobile Phones' option and the following page will bring up a list of items.

· Scroll through the options on the left hand side of the page before you reach Brands and underneath that click on ‘ Apple' to look at all the firm's phones that are for sale on eBay.

· This will have brought up an option entitled iPhone Model and under this buyers should select the box next to ‘ 4' to see all of the iPhone 4 smart phones for sale on eBay.

· Buyers can narrow things down using the parameters on the left that include carriers, colours, condition and price.

· There is another way to find an iPhone on eBay by typing iPhone 4 into the search field at the head of any eBay page and using the drop down box to the right to alter the search category.

· Each seller with have feedback showing their selling history and how buyers have rated the service and product sold, look for the best deals from top sellers.

· eBay also offers buyers the chance to take advantage of exclusive deals on mobile phones with anything bought from this part of the site benefiting from free postage.


The iPhone has become one of the most popular phones to date, it is responsible for bringing the smartphone to the mass market and it is easy to see why: sleek in design, easy to use and diverse, it's not just a phone, but a device to surf the web.

eBay is the perfect place to pick up your new phone, whether you are an iPhone master or complete newbie to the Apple world, eBay will have the phone for you. Add some personality to your phone with various accessories such as cases, holders and headsets, all available from eBay.

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