Apple powermac g5 LCS issues and repair

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When purchasing a dual and quad core G5 system preventive maintenance must be completed on the system every two years to check for leaks.

This is a very common issue with the systems. What happens is that the main o-ring that supports the seal between the processor and the cooling unit ruptures and leaks out fluid. This may not be noticed for some time as the system can run 1-2 years with the issue then overheats and cooks the power supply or logic board.

The symptoms include:

  • High temperatures
  • System shut down without warning
  • Temperature sensor issues and side cover has to be removed
  • Corrosion or white residue on the power supply cover

Contact us today for a system assessment on the state of your system. We can service you LCS unit for a small fraction instead of a $800+ repair

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