Applications for Moonshine Effect Pigments

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Utilizing our innovative proprietary borosilicate manufacturing technology to produce high specification glass flake substrates for the Moonshine® effect pigments range of products, resulting in an array of captivating sparkling effects which include our metal oxide coated glass flakes Moonshine® effect series which demonstrate high gloss and transparency, our Moonshine® ultra effect series with intense colors to our Moonshine® color travel series with intense color changing in different lights and angles.

Borosilicate based glass flake substrates are highly planar platelets with a very smooth surface, they are transparent and have a neutral mass tone. In contrast to other substrates such as mica which has natural imperfections in the particle thickness due to its laminate structure resulting in a stepped surface which creates light scatter, in addition to impurities that cause discoloration of the mass tone color.

Our Moonshine® range is based on borosilicate flake with an average thickness of 1.2 microns which are subsequently coated with either high refractive index metal oxides to create strong interference colors or with metals giving intense brilliance resulting in interesting effects even at very low loading's.


The Moonshine® range allows for the formulation of unique and interesting effects in many applications both for cosmetic and industrial use.
Borosilicate based pigments may be used in the same applications as mica based effect pigments; particularly in cosmetics due to the high transparency and high gloss they impart making them suited for transparent systems such as lip gloss.

Different effects can be achieved by not only selection of the particle size diameter used, whether silky shimmer or sparkle effects are desired, but also on the loading's of Moonshine® pigment used in a system. They may also be used individually or by mixing of colors or in combination with other pigments to achieve individual and unique effects.

Cosmetics - imparting color and visual effects to lip, face, eye and nail products as well as sunscreens, body make-up and toiletries. May be used in pressed powders, loose powders, water-based, oil-based, wax and emulsions as well as other types.

Polymers - may be used in most polymer systems and forming processes such as injection molding, blow molding, and thermoforming. Ideal for packaging applications that require individual effects.

Inks - captivating effects can be achieved with screen printing, intaglio, gravure, flexographic, letterpress and other printing processes. Compatible with solvent-based, water-based, UV-cured and other types of inks.

Coatings & Varnishes - may be used with must systems such as powder coatings, PTFE cookware. Compatible in solvent-borne, water-borne systems

The Moonshine® effect series range may also be used in a multitude of other applications that demand the unique effects that can be achieved with the product range.

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