Are BAD or even NO pictures bad for an auction?

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Are BAD or even NO pictures bad for an auction?

If you have even entertained the idea of creating a listing on eBay without a single picture included in the listing, then I’m afraid you are setting yourself up for huge disappointment. Did you know that according to eBay research, as many as 83% of all visitors on eBay will not even look at a listing that does not have a photo. Forget about the fact that you are selling a great product at a phenomenal price; without a photo, buyers will not even bother to know what you are selling, leave alone reading your item description to know how good the item is.

So essentially, without at item photo, you will be catering to only about 17% of the visitors on eBay. Minimizing your target audience to such an extent is obviously going to lead you to disappointment and not much else. And considering that eBay allows one free photo with every listing, there is no valid reason not to put up a photo.

Not just no picture, but you should also be careful not to put up a BAD photo in your listing. If the photo is not clear or does not do justice to the product, buyers are once again going to ignore your items in all probability. If a buyer comes across the same product and one has a better photo than the second listing, they will almost always buy from the auction with the better picture. Thus, include at least one photo with all your eBay listings and make sure it is a fantastic one.

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