Are The Engines I see on Ebay Genuine??

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You have been looking on Ebay and see a lot of items with brand name engines on them like Honda and Briggs and Stratton along with a host of Chinese engines!! In this Guide we will inform you what warranty each engine has, where they are made and if you have any genuine warranties with any of them.
Lets start with Honda since they seem to be most popular.
The Honda Engines you see on Ebay  mostly come from the Chinese Honda Factory, the factory is a jointly owned factory with  Chinese Jialing, this is a joint venture to provide the Chinese market with affordable engines while still maintaining a certain quality, the questions you need to know are as follows.


  1. Are they Genuine?? Yes they hold the genuine Honda trademark and are built to Honda specs.
  2. Are they made for Export?? No they are not suppose to be exported outside of China, they are built for the Chinese Domestic market, some are exported but they are done so with permission from Japan Honda, Chinese Honda do not allow them to be exported either but factories when buying them for export just tell Honda they are for domestic use, then remove the serial numbers so they can not be traced back to the factory, this is why you will see most engines without there serial number.
  3. What warranty do I get from Honda?? None, Zip, Nothing Nothing Nothing, you will even have trouble getting parts form a Honda dealer, Honda dealers in Australia are under strict instructions not to provide warranty, parts or service to these engines, they are classed as a gray import and come with no warranty at all, don't take notice from sellers who claim nation wide warranty, the only warranty you get is if that seller carries parts and they may send you some, if you are lucky, and that is very luck. 
  4. Conclusion: Although they are built in a Honda approved factory, they are for a Chinese domestic market and don't come with any warranty, and PLEASE note, it is only engines that come from that factory, when you see mowers claiming Honda, this is only the engines, the rest of the item including mower decks, generators, pumps etc are direct copy, and have never come from OEM factories or things like that, Honda do all this in house to try and stop copies.

Briggs and Stratton

  1. Are they Genuine?? just about all the engines you see on Ebay with Briggs and Stratton engines on them are the real deal, B&S are a little smarter than Honda, they have come to realize that if they don't sell to the Chinese factories, the factories will just use a Chinese engine, allowing the Chinese engine factories to out grow them, so they embraced the Chinese boom and come on board.
  2. Are they made for export?? Yes they are made for export, but here is the catch, you need to make sure you get the right country code, for Australia it is AU and then followed by the serial number, this should be arranged by the importer, as the price changes depending on the country, for example warranty claims in China are a lot cheaper than say Australia, so when B&S factor the small percentage of warranty claims they may get they factor in the labour charge and it is adjusted in the wholesale price.
  3. What warranty do I get from B&S?? You get full parts and labour warranty from any B&S dealer around Australia, just make sure you have your receipt or your serial number is in tact as they will use the manufacture date on the serial number which is coded in it if the receipt can't be found.
  4. Conclusion: B&S are the only engines offering a real warranty out of all the engines makers around today, they sell 3 times more engines than all the others combined and this is for a good reason.

Chinese Engines

  1. Are they genuine?? I know this sounds really silly, but you still even get copies of Chinese engines, I have seen copies of Ducar, Lifan just to name a couple, but most of the time you would hope they are the real deal, but be wary.
  2. Are they built for Export?? Yes they are all built for Export, some of the bigger brands are Lifan, Ducar, DJ, XY and Loncin but there are some others starting to get big now so the list gets pretty long, they are generally Honda copies or Chonda as a lot would know them as, they are not a bad engine but still a bit to go before they could rival B&S or Honda, for the price you can't complain.
  3. Whats the warranty?? Unlike the other bigger brands, Australia has no outlets for service or warranty located anywhere, so you are pretty much on your own, so pay attention closely to the seller who is selling them, if the sellers is a junk seller, avoid them at all cost, as they will not carry parts, some of the machinery sellers will carry basic parts, they pretty much all inter change between Chonda brands, and don't for one second think they all come from the same factory, there are literally thousands of factories all making the same thing in China, it is a sight to see, but the bigger brands we have mentioned in the Chinese range, are factories with proper production lines and QC checks so they are pretty good.
  4. Conclusion: The Chinese engines have made a real dint in the industry, it is just a matter of time before you see them opening outlets around the country, but Australia being such a small market it will be a while off yet, try and pay more attention to who you are buying them from rather than the warranty they offer, you see a lot of fly-by nighters offer 1 year warranty and then they are gone in a couple of months.
I hope this has shed some light on the engines found on Ebay and where each company stands on there warranties.

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