Are Using an Electric Dog Collars Right For You?

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Are Using an Electric Dog Collars Right For You?

If you find yourself in the frustrating position many dog owners do, you may be wondering what to do about your undisciplined dog. For many of us we have tried everything we can think of. We’ve bought numerous books and tried different methods all to no avail. It may surprise you to know that many dog trainers recommend the use of electric dog collars to help train your dog and break them of bad habits. Just like any training tool however they need to be used correctly to be effective. They’re not meant to be a punishment for a bad dog, but instead a way to correct the bad behavior while you’re teaching your dog good habits.

Many dog owners are wary to try an electric collar simply because they feel it is cruel to the animal. It’s important to know that the electric shock emitted by the collar is mild and is not designed to hurt the dog. Instead it’s meant to break their attention from whatever they may be fixated on. This can include any number of different behaviors that may end up hurting the dog if not corrected. If you are wary about using one on your dog, then why not try and use it on yourself first? This is what usually helps many dog owners take the first step.

There are several types of electric dog collars available to purchase for whatever your needs may be. A popular model is known as an electric fence where the collar will emit a mild shock if a certain boundary is broken. This is an extremely effective way to keep your dog contained to a limited area. Many use this invisible electric fence to allow their dogs to play in the yard without worrying about it running away. These are also commonly used in parks and on hikes for example where you may wish to take your dog but are worried of it running off.

Another example of electric dog collars that many pet owners use is one that emits an electric shock on queue. These are often used as training devices and are triggered by a handheld remote. Some dogs that have uncontrollable behavioral problems can benefit greatly from these collars. Often time’s dogs can develop the habit of chasing cars for example. Being able to administer a correction to the dog’s behavior once the dog is out of your reach can be the only way to break it of this dangerous habit. They’re also used to treat a number of other behavioral problems, but just like any other training collar are meant to be used as a tool and not a crutch.

You may hear a lot of negative talk concerning electric dog collars, but this does not mean they should be discounted. Depending on your situation it may be a necessity for keeping your dog under control and breaking it of its bad behavior. Used properly and with the knowledge necessary you’ll be able to effectively train your dog to be on its best behavior.

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