Are You Addicted To Ebay?

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If you find yourself searching for items to buy on Ebay every day, then you're addicted to Ebay!

If you spend any spare time searching thru cupboards and the garage for items to sell on Ebay, then you're addicted!

To the best of my knowledge no doctor has ever said that being addicted to Ebay is bad for your health, so keep on buying and selling!

If your kids spend hours and hours on Ebay, then don't be alarmed, they're learning fantastic skills!
They're learning about how to handle money - set target figures (maximum bid amounts)... They're learning that you don't have to simply throw out an items that they no longer use!
They're learning about shopping around for a bargain, and that by doing so they are getting better value for money.

Your trash, could be someone elses treasure!

To put it simply, Ebay can be a fun and learning environment that doesn't hurt anyone. You don't have to even buy, so it's the best way to window shop and save!

Yes, I myself am addicted to Ebay, and am proud of it!

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