Are You Getting A Fashion Bargain On Ebay?

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Fashion and Ebay

It can be hard when deciding if you are really getting a bargain on Ebay when buying Shoes, Clothing Ect. Here are some things to look for:

1. A lot of people these days buy clothes and then actually never wear them. Look for those hidden pieces. The pricing will Usually be pretty low and the postage will be a standard price. These are Bargains as they are basically Brand new. The owner has probably paid between $50 - $150 for these items and now have put them on eBay for $5.00 - $20.00 and only because they are sitting on a shelf in their cupboard and not getting used. If you are not sure, send a couple of messages to the seller. Make sure they have a good rating e.g. 100%

2. Where is the item coming from?
A lot of these really cheap items coming from overseas are usually cheap quality and when you actually get them they are not what you thought. So when purchasing cheap fashion items from overseas look closely at what the material is and compare that with the material of a Branded item to the same description. A lot of the time you will notice their is a big difference and that is why they can sell at such a cheap price. So then you have to think if you want Quality or not!

3. How many of the same product is for sale?
Mass Produced products at a cheap cost is usually not the quality item you are looking for. So when buying an item, have a look at how many of the exact same item is for sale. Quality over Quantity. 

4. How to find good Quality Fashion at a low price?
Search for a brand you like that you know is usually expensive. Then you need to look for the pre-loved (but usually not worn) items. You will be able to compare the prices and usually notice a 60% to 80% Savings. Remember to ensure the seller has good quality photos with clear description of the item they are selling. Sellers that are selling pre-loved items usually have a few items on their page. so check out their profiles and what else they have for sale. 

My advice is look for those hidden pieces from sellers that have bought items and have decided they actually don't need this item anymore as it has not been worn. These are bargains. 
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