Are expensive cable/interconnects worth the investment?

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After many years of listening, reading, evaluating and finally taking the plunge (buying) I think I can provide some insight into cable mythology.

"More expensive isn't necessarily better" is the outcome of years of (my own) research.

Yes, more expensive cables are generally good, but are they better than some of their less expensive counterparts?

It all boils down to the law of diminishing returns.

Allow me to elaborate:

Let's say you have a system worth $10,000.00 (which is about entry level to audiophile grade electronics these days).

Spending $250.00 on speaker cable and an equal amount (proportionately) for quality interconnects will make a marked improvement over the standard 'freebies' thrown in by most electronic manufacturers today.

This equates to approximately 5% of the value of your system for cables and interconnects.

Double this expenditure (to $1000.00), and you'll hear an improvement (better; but not 100% better).

Quadruple this ($2000) and the difference(s) will still be noticable; however less so.

I draw the line (personally) at 10%, as I feel (again, my opinion only) that any more expense is unlikely to generate a corresponding improvement in sound/picture quality.

There are obviously, exceptions to this rule, as on the odd occassion, spending more, will bring a noticable improvement.

If you're searching for sonic 'Nirvana', try different cables as some may suit your system better than others.

Most importantly, I firmly believe, that system SYNERGY will outweigh TWEAKS or even a stack of highest-end hi fi equipment throw together.

Just because you've been able to splash out tons of cash on the best of componentry, doesn't equate to hearing the best sound for the money.

What I mean is this: your electronics must sound great 'together'; because if they sound like cr*p to begin with, then even investing in the best cables on earth, isn't going to improve the sound one iota.

Getting 'synergy' right, is easier said than done, as it takes a lot of trial and error/experience.

Or you could simply rely upon your local hi-fi specialist (I don't mean your run-of-the-mill-retailers, but specialists that know their stuff and who've experimented with a lot of different electronic equipment combinations).

So, get your synergy right, and then you'd be able to hear even the subtlest differences that some tweaks will have in/on your set-up.

As to which brands are the best, boils down to personal taste at the end of the day.

For example, I love gear from MIT as I'm a believer in Bruce Brisson's passion for his products, plus I've never had an MIT cable EVER disappoint me to date.

My advice to cable novices is 'Stick with the better known manufacturers', and soon hopefully (like me) you'll find a product that you'll swear by, and stick with it.

That is until something better comes along *L*

I sincerely hope that this guide provides some benefit to fellow 'budding' audiophiles.

Happy Listenting Folks !

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