Are you tired of losing eBay auctions?

Like if this Guide is helpful

Well using sniping tools will assist you in winning Auctiosn and even better, only paying what you need to to win.  The snipe tool will bid in small increments over the last moments and bid at the time just before bidding closes.

How does it work? 

Let me give you an example:  Bidding on Crystal glasses.  I decide I am happy to pay up to $200 for these great glasses I have found on eBay.  I have already gone into my snipe tool, typed in the item number, the price I am happy to pay and the time to bid the final bid (I like 5 secs to the end of the auction)

The current bid is at $55.00 with 10 minutes to go.  At 30secs to go the bids start pouring in, it is $65.00, then, $76.00 then $99.00 with 3 secs to go my bid goes in for $99.55 and I win the auction. The best part is I paid only the amount I need to win not the amount I was happy to pay.  What a bargain!!!

Final Notes...

Remember, sniping still has some risk. 

I have found it liberating.  I am not worried about overspending in the frenzy of the final moments of the auction.  I can happily leave my computer when I know an auction is about to be finalised.  I still get the buzz when I see I have won yet another auction - I feel smug and victorious .. heheh sad really isn’t it.  Most of all it is FUN!

Enjoy your sniping!

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