Are you wii-ing? Accessories required for wii players

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When I got my wii console, i realised that there are so many additional cost comes along with this fantastic new generation gaming experience.

You need at least two wiimotes ( aka wii remote or wii controller), and then you need to purchase wii nunchuk for games like boxing, fishing, and wii play games.


The battery tends to run out pretty fast,therefore I've got a  wii charge station 6-in-1,it allow you to stand your Wii vertically while a fan keeps the Wii cool. It also holds a Wii remote and has two(2) built-in AA battery charger for use with rechargeable AA batteries.

After that, what do I need?

Ah, something more decorative perhaps. My choices are either silicon cases or something bling bling.


Finally a way to tell your two/four wii remotes apart yet still keep the ability to re-charge them. There are so many colors to choose from, and the BEST of all, is that you don't have to spend hours to take off the silicon case for recharging. I love these ones!

Then, couple of friends started to have wii at home as well, then I have to carry my wiimote around, as I'd like to teleport my mii ( I named her 'The Princess') around when I play at another wii console.



This carrying bag is specially designedWii Controller Wiimote Protection Carry Bag allows holding and protecting your Wii remote and nunchuk controller when they are not being used or on journey.

Finally, I have to move my wii console around for a long weekend trip upto the beach house, wow! Playing Mario 8 next to a holiday house is the best thing I could do for relaxation!

But how to protect my wii console during transit? Ah-ha! That's when a Multi-function Leather Carrying Bag for Wii comes handy.


Now I can say, I'm a complete Wii-mii! ha ha ha!

N.B All the above mentioned items can be found at etpower ebay store.

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