Are your bone carvings the real thing or just copies?

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Yes they are, absolutely 100% guaranteed. They are carved by our artists in their own studios around New Zealand

Traditional Maori bone carvings have become very popular in recent years which has resulted in a lot of people now making knock-offs.
Unfortunately most of the carvings offered on the internet (and even in shops in New Zealand) these days are in fact very poor quality fakes which we believe is doing huge damage to the reputation of real New Zealand craft work and artists.   Much of the work being sold as "Genuine Maori Carving" has in fact been factory made in Malaysia, India or China and a lot of it is not even carved but is stamped out by machines from a bone and resin paste. To add insult to injury these same people have stolen their designs from the real artists including one company in China that stole over 60 of our designs along with photos from our site for their brochure. They were offering them to retailers at $1.95 each for orders of 5000 or more!!!
The quality of this mass produced work is in most cases simply appalling but unless you know what the real thing actually looks and feels like you may be fooled into believing it is genuine.

Be realistic, if a company in America is selling complex bone carvings at $15 each and making a profit after buying, importing and shipping them to customers, what do you think the artist will be getting paid?
The poor carvers who make these fakes in the sweat shop factories in some of these countries are paid a couple of dollars a week if that and have to work long hours spitting out as many carvings as possible.

Would you be prepared to work for that kind of money, so why would you expect skilled craftsmen and artists who treasure their culture and their craft accept a few cents an hour for their work?
Yes we are passionate about our culture and our craft, we make no apologies for that.

If you are looking for exclusive, high quality, genuine bone and jade carvings from New Zealand, The Boneart Place is where you will find them.   If however you are looking for cheap, mass produced machine cut replicas, there are a number of companies in Asia and India who can supply these for you.

Either way, you will get exactly what you pay for.
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