Asian Antiques and Buddhist Art

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Asian Antiques, Buddhist Art & Tribal Textiles

Google sabai designs gallery to view our collection of rare Asian Antiques, Buddhist Art, & Tribal Textiles from Burma, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam & Japan

While a great deal of the most impressive Asian antiques and art has found its way into museums and private collections around the world there still exists an array of very beautiful, interesting and affordable antiques and art from the region. At sabai designs gallery you will find bronze temple bells and elephant bells from the 18th and 19th century, impressive bronze Buddha statues from the early 20th century, antique opium pipes, Burmese opium weights dating back as far as the 14th century, vintage silk kimono, Sukhothai ceramics from the 15th-16th century, Burmese lacquer, antique silver jewelry from the Hmong hill tribe and antique tribal textiles from the Naga, Tai-Dum, and Hmong as well as many other unique items.

Below are some images of a few items you will find in our gallery. Please visit  sabai designs gallery and email us with any questions you may have. On the site you will find essays I have written on Buddhist Art and its Symbolism, Silk Textiles from Laos, Bronze Bells, Hmong silver jewelry, Naga Textiles and Chin Textiles in the hope of providing some interesting and useful background information on the cultures of the region and their artistic traditions. In our photo gallery you will find images of the various destinations we have visited over the past decade.


 Artifacts from Burma, Laos, Thailand and Laos




Antique Bronze Bells, Burma

Antique Ceramics, Thailand


Antique Hmong Silver Jewellery


Bronze Buddha Statues, Thailand

Buddhist Devotional Scroll   Paintings, Thailand


Antique Tibetan Buddhist Thangka Paintings from Ladakh, India


Silk Wall Hangings from Laos

Naga Tribal Textiles from Burma

Tribal Textiles, Vietnam


Tribal Textiles from the Chin People, Burma


Tribal Warrior Blankets from the Naga of Burma


Antique Opium Weights from 17th-19th Century


Antique Opium Pipes & Tobacco Pipes from Laos


Antique Lacquer Ware from Burma

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