Atomic BetaRace 10:22 Skis

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Ski type: Racing Giant Slalom
Skier Level: Intermediate to Expert

Rating:  9/10

The atomic BetaRace 10:22 is the factory detuned version of the professional racing ski from 2002/2003.  Atomic has dominated the Giant Slalom scene with its very stiff and reactive skis.  The BetaRace 10:22 reflects this in the performance it offers a skier who can maintain a good technique at high speeds.  I have found this ski very challenging due to its extreme stiffness, that demands that the skier is decisive and committed when at speed.  Ideally this ski is suited to Giant slalom type skiing, at high speeds where edge control is paramount to maintaining a good line and maximum speed through turns.  There is absolutely no chatter through turns that will test other skis, such as the RC4 from Fischer.  I have found the atomic to be a superior ski for this type of skiing, which is found on Aussie groomers.  I absolutely love this ski on that type of terrain.  Thoroughly dependable, urges you to push yourself to maximum speed and rewards good technique in spades. 

However - when I took my BetaRaces to New Zealand, and skied the Queenstown and Wanaka areas, the love I have developed for these superb skis was diminished, as the terrain we skied over there was mostly chutes, cruddy gullies, and lots and lots of tight valleys to steep drop-offs that required lots of short radius turns.  Racing GS skis where simply too stiff, too long (188cm) and too much hard work.  Every turn was an effort, and demoing a pair of Rossi bandits illustrated the difference that a more flexible, shorter radius carving ski can make in extremely challenging territory.  I will not take my BetaRaces over to NZ again, no way.  

I thoroughly recommend these skis to those who are looking for a ski that will handle very high speeds, and who have the technical strength to maintain control at high speeds.  These skis are absolutely not for beginners, and would constitute an entertaining form of suicide if given to a beginner to be sent down their first black diamond run.  If you do not have a strong technique, these skis will put you in the back seat very quickly, and then from then on, you become a passenger, for the BetaRaces will ski away from you very quickly.  But when you get it right, it is feels as good as it gets, as these skis reward you with clean lines, absolute integrity in holding their edge as the g forces increase, and speed that tests the extent of your courage.  The sure do test mine. And for that, the thrill of knowing you have reached your limit, I love the Atomic BetaRace 10:22s.

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