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You are looking at one of the best ways to draw attention to your store, guides.  
That's right, if you can write a great guide that is both interesting and helpful, you are bound to draw in the traffic.

Learn to use your about me page, you can use this page to advertise your listings and let your potential buyers 
know about you and what your postage prices are. Show people that you are a real person and not just 
some faceless company. 

Your store description is a great way to attract traffic, this information comes up in Google searches
 so make your store details relevant. Cross promotion and listing frames are also a helpful tool.  

You really need to get your self noticed outside eBay. And here is how you do it. 

You tube, is a great FREE tool and you should be using it. It's easy to join and upgrade your 
account. Play with the account settings and learn all you can. You can link your eBay store page
to your You tube account and others can find you. It's easy to make a short film with the help of 
programs like IMOVIE, you can use still photos of your products, add some text and maybe some
 music, and with the link to your store your set. 

Twitter is also a great FREE way to promote your site and products. You can copy links from your site
and shorten them with the site tiny url and then copy the shortened link into your Twitter message then 
Tweet it to the world, easy. The followers you have the more potential customers. 

Facebook and MySpace are also great FREE ways to promote your store. These are huge sites with massive 
numbers of traffic traveling through them every day. Get your self out there and be seen. 

Blogging, everyone is doing it. This is a good way to draw people to your site. You can set up a blog for 
free through many sites like Wordpress. Write about what you sell, what you like and what your good at. 
Promote, promote, promote. eBay even has a HTML builder that will let you make and copy listing links 
into your blog that will send traffic straight to that listing. Easy to do and you don't need any programing 
knowledge at all to do it, simple. 

There are many FREE sites out there that can help attract buyers to you store, and here is a few more:
Stumbleupon, Social Bookmarking, Gumtree. 

I hope this has been of some help. Please visit my store and a browse through my listings. 

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