Attracting the right buyer

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When listing your items, ask yourself what type of buyer you are wanting to attract and write your listing to be congruent with that person.  Everybody, no matter who you are, has a strategy when purchasing items.  It may not be apparent to them or you but we do.  Everyone who buys falls into one of these categories: Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic or Auditory Digital.

Visual buyers, obviously, buy on the look of something.  So to appeal to these buyers ensure your photos are doing your listing.  Make them look appealing and give them realism.  Use words like see, look etc "imagine the look on your friends faces when they see you....."

Auditory buyers, go on what they hear, so when writing your listing give as much honest detail as possible.  use words like "you will hear your friends saying.....when you get this"

Kinesthetic buyers go on feeling.  When writing your listing make your buyers feel what it will be like.  So use the word feel in your blurb. "you will feel a million dollars,  Imagine what it will feel like.."

Auditory digital buyers are a little more complicated.  they like to talk it over in their heads.  So give them the details.  All the details and they will come to a decision quickly.

I believe if you try to incorporate all of the above in your listings you will be covering all bases and giving yourself the best possible advantage to sell your items everytime.

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