Auction Selling of Second Hand Baby Clothing

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Guidelines for the Successful Auction Selling of Second Hand & Used Baby Clothing Items.

  • Ensure all items are in great condition - & of saleable value.  Dont sell trashy, dishevelled, ripped, pilled or stained items as buyers get very disappointed when they received such items for new baby.

    To make sure your item sells successfully - use a clean backdrop
    & only sell brand name items in great condition

  • Hints for Photo taking - Make sure all goods are hygenically cleaned & presented well in your photo.  After all a picture tells a thousand words.  Arrange clothing items on a clean, clear floor space - white tiles or timber floorboards always make for a hygenic looking back drop.  Never have any other clutter in the photo & dont place clothing items on dolls etc as it is very off putting to the buyer.  Ensure they are ironed & that all threads are removed. Never sell clothing with stains on it, unless you are prepared to disclose this to buyers, however, most will ignore your sale if these exist - remember there are alot of items up for bid out there, make yours stand out.
  • Item Title - ensure you include the word 'Baby' then: Gender, SizeStyle (outfit or jacket etc) any Brand name, & Condition, if space allows.  Only use designer brand names here, as noone is too interested in used items that come from a large chain supermarket.  The keywords placed in the Title Description will determine how well buyers find your item when they do a search.  For example, "Baby Boy, Size 000, Jacket, Pumpkin Patch - A1 COND" will bring a better search result than, "Boys Pumpkin Patch Jacket, Hardly Ever Worn, Very Cute".
  • Item Description - keep it brief & tell the buyer what they will get ie gender, size, colour, material, style, brand, condition, if from a smoke & pet free home, & the conditions of sale to the successful bidder.  Dont waffle on about how lovely they looked on your baby or why you are selling them second hand - just the facts!  Use a colourful text, centred in Arial size 12 font & place spaces between the lines of text, which should be in point form.  Noone wants to read a two inch thick block of boring courier text! A simple & basic Item Description is the key.
  • Seasonal Selling - it is very much in favour to sell items toward the beginning of a season eg. warm clothes in Autumn/Winter, shorts & tees etc in Spring/Summer.  Ebayers buy online because they want the bargain now - not for next year or next season.
  • Postage Costs - be up front so the buyer can add this into the sale price when determining their highest bid.  Buyers can lose interest if they have to ask seller for a postage price to their postcode.  Keep Postage & Insurance (if offered) fair, as everyone knows what it costs to post items these days.  Remember to also add that you take all care but no responsibility for damage or loss, unless otherwise covered.
  • Budget Insertion Fees - if you are on a budget the best way to lower your Insertion Fees is to stick to the basic options, but always have a gallery photo as the minimum, as buyers can readily see your item when browsing.  This total cost can be as low as $0.89 for auction price items starting at a $0.99 reserve (other conditions can apply).
  • Reviewing Your Item - once you have submitted your item for listing, dont be afraid to review it several times over.  Search for it through the Buying tab, as if you were looking for such an item yourself, and see if your item comes up in the Search Results.  If you cant see your item straight away, it may take several minutes to become live.  But modify the Title, as described above to get maximum exposure.

Good luck & Happy Ebaying!

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