Auction bidding. It's not that hard.

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There are so many thick people in this world, it's scary. Buying items by auction is the best way to buy anything, but ebay seems to be full of people who do not understand the basic concept of buying via auction and it's getting to the point of frustration for buyers like me. I buy from auction to get whatever item at the lowest price, the market value, not what sellers THINK their items are worth.

So with that in mind when an auction is running for 3 or 5 or 7 days, WHY WOULD ANYBODY BID ON AN ITEM BEFORE THE LAST FEW MINUTES OF THE AUCTION???? It doesn't make a lick of sense, all you are doing is driving the price up on yourself because there are always muppets who have to have the highest bid with 5 days to go. If you don't bid until the last minute or so, you will be saving yourself 1000's of dollars.

 We have to educate the uneducatable and it has to start now. Use the watch item feature ( it's free you know) until the last few mins of the auction. There is so much I could keep going on but i'll leave it here cause I think even a drunk monkey can get what i am saying.


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