Auric Alignment Healing Story

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Auric Alignment Healing Story 


One of my clinic clients came in one day, complaining that although there was nothing physically wrong with her she seemed to lack energy or motivation for any length of time. I decided to do an auric alignment on her etheric body and as I moved down to her knees I was surprised to discover a huge mess of energy flow around one knee. It seems the energy was like a jumbled ball of string with lines and tight patches preventing an even flow of energy all over the knee.

When questioned, she rolled up her trousers and allowed me to look at her actual knee, which was like a road map with scars and damaged tissue all over the entire knee, exactly the same as the mess of energy I had just experienced. She went on to explain that years ago she had been riding a motorbike up a mountain range when a semi trailer had been coming down the mountain in the opposite direction. With the semi trailer unaware she was coming up and cutting the corner, she had been left with no place to go against the side of the mountain and had ended up under the semi trailer pinned by her knee.

The Jaws of Life were called and had to actually lift the semi trailer off her knee to get her out from underneath it. After this she had undergone massive surgery to reconstruct her knee and after time had learned to again walk on it. The physical knee had healed very well, apart for the skin tissue scarring. The etheric knee was another matter; it basically had remained as damaged as the day the accident had occurred. This was a relatively lengthy procedure to correct as there were many different breaks and forms of damage all over the knee, yet eventually I was content that the energy flow was once again running smoothly through the area without any hiccups or disturbances.

Continuing on I came to the other knee and again found some scarring and tangled knots in the energy field. As my hand moved over the area I was aware of 'stickiness' in the energy feel and it was as though something was preventing my hand from moving freely over the area. This knee did not feel nearly as damaged as the first one, yet again there was the energy blockage present.

I asked her if this knee also had undergone a similar damage and was surprised when she replied, "no, nothing had ever happened to that knee". Not wishing to question her further as the source of injury really was of little consequence. It may have originally been something as simple as falling over and scraping the knee as a child, I left it at that and continued to smooth out the energy field of the area.

Finally, about an hour later I was again content that the energy flow was operating smoothly over her entire body and she left feeling somewhat relaxed and comfortable. However this was not to be the end of this experience as I was to receive a phone call from her a few days later gushing over with enthusiasm and excitement. She told me how fabulous she was feeling and that ever since the accident her energy levels were like a slowly dripping tap and for the first time she felt as though the tap had been turned off and she was able to contain the energy and use it for herself.......Wonderful news.

Not only that, she explained how she had been sure nothing had ever happened to her other knee, yet as I was so adamant the energy flow was congested, there must have been something that she had forgotten about. Armed with a mirror, she closely examined her knee only to discover a fine scar on the back of the knee. Not being able to remember anything that had ever occurred here she called the doctor that had assisted her throughout the operation and asked what this scar could be caused from. He explained that her other knee was so badly damaged they had needed to take a skin graft to assist in the healing process and the place they had taken it from was behind the opposite knee. This goes to show how even damages which we may be unaware of can still be creating energy imbalances in our body - imbalances which create great discomfort on the subtle levels, yet are relatively easily rectified by the appropriate methods.

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