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If your a LEGO enthusiast or a LEGO beginner there are certain tips and hints to purchasing your LEGO.


Don't be fooled by those auction gimics telling you the item is RARE when it obviously isnt, do your checks first, scan the hundreds of ebay listings to see how rare this item is before paying top dollar.


Read the listing carefully, what you see in some sellers auction pictures is not always exactly what you get .


COLOURS, remember when buying used LEGO over the many years it can fade be sure to check with the seller wether or not it is badly faded or discoloured first. ( good sellers will tell you in the listing)(white is the most common colour to fade or go to a yellowish colour)


Bitemarks are a common occurance in LEGO a good seller will do there best to make sure those bitten pieces are not up for sale and ensure only the best quality is available.


If you purchase a used set and it is already built, ask the seller how they package the items , if it is going to be packaged in a box and if it is going to stay essembled. Because alot of sellers just use padded bags and a completed set in a padded bag is likely to break or be damaged. Be sure to ask for it to be packaged in a box.


Make sure when you buy a LEGO set marked complete that it is 100% complete , check for instructions and see if they are original or photocopied or even on disc. it will make a big difference in price for some sets.


MOC = My Own Creation or "Custom" design.

These are sets or minifigs which are not original LEGO that was originally brought out by LEGO (authentic) but a design used with some LEGO parts and some hand made parts also many can be painted.

Some of these designs are fantastic and can be worth alot of money but please note it is NOT genuine LEGO but a custom design.


When buying minifigs be sure to check the quality, hundreds are being sold in very poor condition and are not made according to how they were in LEGO sets. So unless you go to a good lego seller be sure to look carefully at the minifig/ lego man you buy, especially if your after a certain minifig/lego man to complete your set as it may not be exactly the same. .E.G. some space minifigs have a gold logo on the front 50% of the time this gold logo is no longer gold, a good seller should have this in the listing and even better seller should have them in good condition.


When buying LEGO of course you want the best deal, so find a seller who has alot to offer and lets you combine the purchases so you get more LEGO for a better postage price.


meanings :

MIB: Mint In Box, MISB: Mint In Sealed Box,

MOC :My Own Creation, MINIFIG: a little lego man


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