Aussie girls' guide to buying great jeans through eBay

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This guide will explain how to successfully measure your bust, waist and hips so you can confidently shop for designer denim through eBay. There are some great buys online including Tsubi, Paper Denim Cloth and the ubiquitious sass&bide denim. However, sizing differs across branding and denim type which can cause a lot of stress should the jeans be paid for and delivered, yet not fit. Here are some common Australian measurements for denim so grab a tape measure, log on to eBay and away we go!

As many eBay members may not offer a generous returns policy on jeans, it is very important to know your exact measurements so both of you can leave great feedback for each other. Most jeans are measured in Australian sizing of 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18. Overseas labels and some sass&bides may be measured in inches like 24,25 or 28 etc. These are tricky but ultimately the decision rests  on whether you prefer skin tight denim or a less snug fit around areas like your waist and thighs. If you have great legs, show them off and go the smaller international size or if you prefer to play it safe then go the one up. If they are stretch denim you can always shrink them (carefully, mind you) in the tumble dryer should the need arise.

Size 6 is considered XXS and has a bust measurement of 75cm, a waist measurement of 55cm and a hips measurement of 80cm. This is correspondent with a size 23-24 in imported designer labels too and also depends on how snug you wish your jeans to fit around your hips and thighs.

Size 8 is considered XS and the measurements are 80cm (bust), 60cm (waist) and 85cm (hips). This is correspondent to a 25-26 in overseas designer labels.

Size 10 is considered S and the measurements are 85cm (bust), 65cm (waist) and 85cm (hips). This is correspondent to a 26-27 in overseas designer labels.

Size 12 is considered M and the measurements are 90cm (bust), 70cm (waist) and 95cm (hips). This is correspondent to a 28-29 in overseas designer labels.

Size 14 is considered L and the measurements are 95cm (bust), 75cm (waist) and 100cm (hips). This is correspondent to a 30-31 in overseas designer labels.

It is also important to remember the type of denim you are buying. If it is a stretch denim then it will stretch and again, you are able to shrink them purposefully using a tumble dryer. If they are rigid denim, it is best to acknowledge what size you are and accept it to avoid the dreaded 'muffin top' which comes with buying rigid denim in a too-small size.

Good luck and enjoy the fruits of eBay's members - there are some great designer jeans out there!

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