Australian Buyers - Purchasing Avon products via eBay

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Please be very careful when considering a purchase of Avon products online. As a long time Avon user, I have found that most product is diluted or tampered with and marked with "not for individual sale". This means that the sellers who are currently offloading Avon products in here aren't necessarily doing so lawfully. I also note that the prices are often more expensive than what you would pay for the same product directly from an Avon rep!

I have since discovered that Avon Australia does not permit Australian representatives to sell Avon products online and any rep caught selling or supplying to sell is effectively removed as a rep. When considering that Aussie Avon reps work hard to cover their territories and work hard on their respective businesses, I agree with this.

Buying what appears to be 'cheap' product from overseas is undercutting these people and depriving them of an opportunity that is deservedly theirs.

I don't sell Avon, by the way. But knowing what I know, I no longer buy it online. And honestly, with the Australian prices being pretty good anyway, you shouldn't have to either.

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