Australian Cattle Dog - Blue Heeler

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The Australian Cattle Dog - Blue Heeler

The  Australian Cattle Dog  is commonly known as the Blue Heeler. This dog breed is reactive and responsive, but robust and courageous. Cattle Dogs are strong willed and tough. They are very active dogs and need a job to pour their energies into. This is a playful dog who has great strength of character. His exercise requirements are very high and needs a great deal of stimulation and play. The Cattle Dog was originally bred for cattle herding.

The Cattle Dog - Blue Heeler maybe aggressive to strangers and other animals unless properly socialised. He may display status-related aggression to gentle owners and may nip at heels during play. Therefore, this dog requires an experienced, strong-willed, considerate owner who has enough time  and energy to give this powerful dog a job to do and an outlet for his strong drives through play and training.

Cattle Dog - Blue Heeler Characteristics
Loyal, protective, amenable, biddable, alert, courageous.
  • Size:  43-51cm (17-20in)
  • Weight:  16-20kg (35-45lb)
  • Coat:  Smooth, straight, hard topcoat with short dense undercoat
  • Colour:  Blue, red speckle
  • Lifespan:  12 years

Attitude to:-
  • Owners - affectionate, loyal
  • Children - tolerant, but not of their friends unless well socialised.
  • Other Pets - alright if raised with them.
  • Strangers - suspicious, territorial
  • Unfamiliar dogs - can be problematic unless well socialised.

Cattle Dog - Blue Heeler Health Concerns
Eye defects, deafness.

If you are looking for a Cattle Dog - Blue Heeler for sale, please contact a reputable Cattle Dog, Blue Heeler breeder to ensure that the puppies are in excellent condition. You may also like to consider a Blue Heeler rescue dog.

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