Australian Gold Dagger Mysteries - Book Review

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The Australian Golden Dagger Mysteries comprises short stories from the award winners of the Australian Gold Dagger Awards 1988.  There are 15 short stories from Australian crime fiction authors.

The competition was originally launched by Australian Airlines / POL Publishing for their inflight magazine. They were overwhelmed with the response and the quality of writing that they published this book with the winners. The 15 short stories were chosen from over 1000 entries.

The following review was written by one of our happy customers trishakawanna who recently read the book. We thought it was well worth sharing.

So I have only just got to the Australian Golden Dagger Mysteries and finished it.

It was a much smaller book than (ed) I thought it would be, however it has been quite a good one to read, with some quite good mystery writing. A couple left me scratching my head a bit (left me thinking... Huh??? at the end) - but on the whole, they were quite good, with interesting twists and interesting characters.

I quite liked the story called "The Dwarf and the Double Bass Player" because there was an element of humour in it as well, with a bumbling lawyer that somehow manages to win cases for the other side!

The introduction by Professor Stephen Knight was essential reading to get a feel for the short stories to follow and accurately described the format each writer had used, as well as explaining how the book came to be published. I would have liked the short stories to have been just a fraction longer, but I guess they must have been given a word limit to write by.

Anyway, overall I enjoyed the book. (My preference is still for a full length novel that I can get my teeth into though). If you get another copy, have a read yourself and see what you think.

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