Australian Muscle Car Magazine -Collecting Issues 1-10

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Australian Muscle Car - Collecting the History......

Issues 1-10


This guide is intended to be useful to both the novice and the serious collector of the Australian Muscle Car series of magazines. The series was introduced a few years ago to fulfil the needs of a community becoming increasingly nostalgic about the history of the automobile in this country, cheifly with the legend that was the muscle car era. The magazine was not expected to take off quite so well as it did and the publishers were initially suprised at the interest generated by the magazine. This is why the first four issues were later reprinted - and clearly marked as reprints in the bottom LH corner -  to cope with the unexpected demand. Since that time the magazine has gone from strength to strength and has covered most of the immortal muscle cars that shaped the history of tin top racing in this country, but the cars that will be covered in future issues are no doubt as important to the annals of motorsport in this country.

Availability and Price

There are always plenty of issues available on Ebay for sale at a reasonable price. Of course the early issues are more expensive than the more recent ones as you would expect. The reprinted issues (1-4) are not fetching quite as much money as the originals and are worth about half the price of the original issues. In saying this, reprinted issues are not a common sight on ebay. Issues that have never been read are worth more than those issues that have been read and big folds or rips devalue issues for serious collectors. Approx prices and cover photos of each magazine are given below.

If you are chasing any particular information please let me know and I will do my best to help you.

Please Note
Due to Ebay Guide size restrictions I have had to break this guide into sections to fit all of the cover pictures so please check the other guides for specific issues

Issue 1-   Bathurst Supercars - XR GT (GT gold) and HK Monaro (Silver)

Expect to pay around $150

Issue 2-    Fast Fords - XY GTHO Yellow Ochre

Expect to pay around $100

Issue 3-   Supercar Scare - Blue Torana GTR, Red XA GTHO P4 and Gold Charger

Expect to pay around $75

Issue 4-    XR GT (GT Gold) to BA GT (Acid Rush) - Bolt from the Blue

Expect to pay around $75

Issue 5-   Phase IV GTHO (Brambles Red)

Expect to pay around $90

Issue 6-   Aussie Invader - Bob Jane's No. 7 Orange Camaro

Expect to pay around $90

Issue 7-   Lion Heart - Norm Beechey's 350 GTS Monaro

Expect to pay around $50

Issue 8-   Snake Bite - Falcon Cobra's 25th Anniversary

Epxect to pay around $60

Issue 9-   Torana XU-1 V8

Expect to pay around $50

Issue 10-   Dick Johnson's Group C XE Falcon - Palmer Tube Mills

Expect to pay around $40

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