Australian Pottery

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There mant brand names of australian Pottery and know about them take years to learn, many people use words like ,Rare. Vintage very old with out fully understanding what they are implying, this can be very misleading to all.

It is important that a discription is correct, so as not to mislead buyers.If you can give a reference to the piece from one of the many books avalable it can help you buy or sell.

As any who is collecting Australian Pottery knows the older the piece the greater the chance that there will not to have any markers mark, this does not mean that the piece is not from the pottery stated, with study of all pottery you see and the material avalable in reference books ,one can buy with some assurance that the piece has come, or may have come from the pottery stated.

Like any indeavier in collecting the more you see, read and handle the greater your experties will become .

Good Luck

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