Australian Womens Shoe Sizing. Getting it right!!

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Sorting out Australian Womens Shoe Sizes

You've seen a beautiful pair of Boots on Girls Obsession, but will they fit?  Should you go down a size for Ugg Boots?  Is your foot too wide for those Pumps you think are just gorgeous!!  Those Flats the same Label and size as the Gladiators you received last week, will they fit as well?

Read on for the answers to all these questions!!

Before you start you should know:

•    Your foot size changes from morning to night.  They start off the day refreshed and at their smallest.  By the end of the day after supporting you all day they will be at their largest.  Always measure your feet at the end of the day to allow for this change.
•    Wear the same socks, stockings or pantyhose that you plan to wear with your new shoes.
•    Your two feet are different sizes!  Always measure both your feet and choose the shoe size that fits the biggest foot.
•    If possible get someone to help. Leaning over to measure your foot shifts your weight onto the foot you are measuring and changes its shape.  If someone else is helping you, then standing on your feet is best.  If this is not possible sit down to  measure your foot.
•    There are wide variations among shoe measurement systems and the fit may be quite different depending upon the brand, style and type of shoe you buy.  Shoe size selection should only be done using the foot sizes provided by your seller.
•    With an exact toe to heel measurement.  Some sellers like Girls Obsession provide, you a chart for each shoe listing allowing you to order the correct size.
•    An example of one of these charts is below.  Note that the measurements shown are of your foot measurements not the measurements of the shoe.  These charts are shown on ALL Girls Obsession listings.

Size Chart

How to Measure Your Feet:

1.    Place your foot onto a large piece of paper.
2.    Holding a pencil as vertical as possible, trace around your foot.  Try to be very accurate so you can get accurate measurements.
3.    Before moving your foot stand straight up and look down at your work.  Does the outline you have drawn EXACTLY follow the outline of your foot?
4.    Make adjustments if necessary.
5.    Repeat with your other foot.
6.    Now that you have the outlines of your two feet you can use a ruler to measure your foot width and length.
o    Length: Measure the distance between the two longest points on both of your foot tracings.  The longer of the two is your foot length.
o    Width: Measure the distance between the two widest points on both of your foot tracings. The wider of the two is your foot width.
7.    It's crucial to use a reliable shoe size guide.  Using your measurements refer to the sellers shoe size charts to determine your shoe size. Remember that sizes can vary significantly among different types, styles and brands so never take your shoe size for granted!!

Happy Shoe Shopping!!

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