Australia's Guide to Successful Bidding

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Successful Bidding

I wrote this guide to guide people when they are bidding on items on ebay.

Premature Bidding

I see everyday all over eBay people bidding prematurely on items when the item still has 3 or 4 days remaining on it. People don't seem to understand that premature bidding is completely and tottally POINTLESS. All it does is get the price much higher than people want to pay. In an ideal world people shouldn't bid on items that have more than a day left on them. For example if I see an item where the current bid is $15 and there is 3 days remaining on it and I put my bid on it for $16 then I find that I've been outbid by another premature bidder that was previously winning the auction. As you see if I didn't put that bid I could have saved myself money from the other premature bidder outbidding me.

Over Bidding

Yet another thing I see all over eBay is people bidding a) prematurely and b) to much. 99% of the time on eBay you only have to bid $1 more to stay in the game whereas I've seen an item with 3 entire days left on it and it went from $10 to $50 in just 1 bid!! What people should do is only bid what you have to bid to stay in so you still have room in your budget to bid if someone outbids you. For example if I find an item where the current bid is $10 and i say to myself "Well I'm happy to bid up to $50 for the item so I'll bid that now" and then an hour later get outbid and your stuffed. Instead I believe what people should do is add that item to your watch list in My eBay and bid incrementally as you get outbid therefore you could actually end up paying less for the item and of course winning the auction whereas if you bid your whole to start with you get outbid and you then can't afford the item.

Thankyou for viewing my guide on premature and over bidding so next time please remember this guide before you over bid or prematurely bid.

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