Authenticity in Designer Items.

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As great as ebay is for all those things we love at great prices, be warey of whats out there. If your into designer items such as Chanel, Dior, Tiffany and co, Louis Vuitton or even Gucci look over those auctions with a fine tooth comb. Never buy on ebay if the seller cannot prove authenticity, weather it is a card, seriel number or reciept. Also be careful of the ones that do have authenticity provided but seem to be at a dream price. There are companies these days that are selling replicas that are 99.9% accurate at one third of the cost. Not many people would be able to tell these are fake, but yes it happens. If you do see listings that are claiming to be authentic but you know are not, report the item and seller to ebay and they will look after it for you. Good luck to all of you designer shoppers and good luck. Remember authenticity card and preferably receipt too. Also go on the designer websites and compare images to see if they are exactly the same. Cheers
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