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This Author Guide for E. E. 'Doc' Smith provides a bibliography of E. E. 'Doc' Smith's works. Blurbs are also included to help you decide whether his books are for you or not. Blurbs are taken directly from copies of E. E. 'Doc' Smith's books as they come available to sell in our eBay Store - Secondhand Bookstore.

We take all care with our Author Guides but in the event we have made errors or they are not up-to-date, please feel free to contact us and let us know so we can update them for you. We hate reading spelling and grammatical errors too, so contact us if you find them and we'll make them disappear.

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The Skylark of Space

Skylark Three

Skylark of Valeron

Skylark DuQuesne

Scientists Dick Seaton and Marc DuQuesne were the deadliest enemies in the galaxy. Their feud had blazed among the stars and changed the history of a thousand planets. Bu now a threat from outside the galaxy drove them into a desperate alliance as hordes of strange aliens stormed through space on a collision course with Man. Seaton and DuQuesne fought side by side to fend off the invasion - as Seaton kept constant, perilous watch for DuQuesne's inevitable double-cross...

The millions of readers who thrilled to the epic Lensman series (also available in Panther Science Fiction) will need no reminding that E. E. 'Doc' Smith is the supreme creatr of ation-packed space adventure. The Skylark series is essential reading for all who appreciate science fiction in the grand manner.

'A marvellouse epic of science fiction' Galaxy



In Triplanetary, battle is joined for the control of the universe. The Arisians, benevolent humanoids who have declared themselves Guardians of Civilization, war with the Eddoreans, shapeless, malevolent beings, hungry for power at any price. They fight on both physical and mental levels, wielding weaponry of inconceivable destructiveness.

And their battleground is a tiny planet in a remote galaxy: Earth. The swamping of Atlantis, the fall of Rome, the wars that rack the world and blaze through space - all may seem historical accidents to the men involved, but each in reality is a move in a savage universe-wide power struggle...

Triplanetary is the first self-contained novel in E. E. 'Doc' Smith's epic Lensman series, one of the all-time classics of adventurous, galaxy-spanning science fiction.

First Lensman

No human being had ever landed on the hidden planet of Arisia. A mysterious barrier, hanging unseen in space, turned back all ships. Then the word came to Earth, inexplicably but compellingly: 'GO TO ARISIA!'

Virgil Samms, founder of the Galactic Patrol, went - and came back with the Lens, the strange device that gave its wearer powers no man had ever possessed before. Samms knew that the price of this power would be high. But even he had no idea of the ultimate cost - nor of the strange destiny awaiting the First Lensman...

First Lensman is the second novel in the classic Lensman series, a galaxy-spanning saga of space adventure and one of the all-time classics of sciencefiction. Watch for each new Lensman title as it appears in Panther Science Fiction.

Galactic Patrol

The space-pirates of Boskone raided at will, menacing the whole structure of interstellar civilization. Master-minded by a super-scientist, their conquering fleets outgunned even the mightly space cruisers of the Galactic Patrol.

When Lensman Kim Kinnison of the Patrol discovered the secret Boskonian base, it was invulnerable to outside attack. But where a battle-fleet would meet insuperable resistance, a single infiltrator might penetrate the Boskonian defences - if he had the guts to take on million-to-one odds. Kinnison had guts enough to take on the odds - even with the future of the civilized Universe riding on his shoulders...

Galactic Patrol is the third novel in the epic seven-volume Lensman series, a saga of galactic adventure in the great tradition of adventurous science fiction. Each Lensman book is a complete, exciting novel in itself - watch out for each one as it appears in Panter Science Fiction.

Grey Lensman

Somewhere among the galaxies was the stronghold of Boskone - a network of brilliant space-criminals whose hunger for conquest threatened the continued existence of all known civilisation.

But where was this stronghold? Boskonian bases were scattered across the universe - shielded by gigantic thought-screens that defied penetration. The best minds in the Galactic Patrol had tried. And failed. Now it was up to Lensman Kim Kinnison, using his fantastic powers, to infiltrate the Boskonian strongholds, find the location of the enemy's Grand Base - and smash it forever.

But Kinnison didn't know then that the power of Boskone reached further than anyone had dreamed - into the Galactic Patrol itself...

Grey Lensman is the fourth novel in the 'Lensman' series. Watch for the others as they appear - space adventures as epic and exciting as this are rare.

Second Stage Lensman

Kim Kinnison, Number One man of his time, had faced challenges before - but rarely one as daunting as this. To him fell the perilous task of infiltrating the inner circle of Boskone, stronghold of galactic civilization's most deadly foe. Kinnison had to become a loyal Boskonian in every gesture, deed - and thought. He had to work his way up through the ranks of an alien enemy organization, right into the highest echelons of power. Then it would be he who issued the orders - orders that would destroy his own civilization...

Second Stage Lensman is the fifth volume in E. E. 'Doc' Smith's classic Lensman space-saga.

'The Lensman series is similar in its mesmeric effect to the Martian novels of Edgar Rice Burroughs... galaxic in scope... wonderfully outrageous epics' Sunday Times

Children of the Lens

It was beginning to look as if no one could prevent the destruction of the Universe. For a strange intelligence was directing the destruction of all civilization from the icy depths of space.

Kim Kinnison of the Patrol was one of the few men who knew how near the end was. And in the last desperate plan to save all life, he knew he had to use his children as bait for the evil powers of the planet Ploor.

Children of the Lens is the sixth and concluding volume of Doc Smith's Lensman series (little did they know!) - an epic which stands as one of the greatest classics of science-fiction.

Masters of the Vortex (aka The Vortex Blaster)

A churning nuclear vortex, appearing out of nowhere, wreaking utter destruction - and countless numbers of them were menacing planets throughout the galaxy! 'Storm' Cloud, nucleonic genius, set out in his spaceship Vortex Blaster to track and destroy the mysterious vortices - and embarked on a saga of discovery and conflict among the far stars and the worlds of the Lensmen...

Masters of the Vortex is the seventh and last self-contained novel in E. E. 'Doc' Smith's epic Lensman series (true this time), one of the all-time classics of adventurous, galaxy-spanning science fiction.


Subspace Explorers

An outstanding novel of galactic warfare by the author of the Skylark and Lensman Series

All the creative energies of the West have been directed into space exploration and development - dozens of new worlds are being opened up. Left behind on Earth are the sluggish remnants of former greatness. But in the East, a mighty dictatorship has arisen - a single absolute monarch rules: The Nameless One of the East. What follows is raging conflict, on Earth and in space, conflict as only master science-fictioneer E.E. 'Doc' Smith can write it!

Subspace Encounter

Family d'Alembert (co-authored)

Imperial Stars

In the year 2447, the Empire of Earth faced the most serious threat to its existence since its formation two centuries earlier - a threat which, if carried out, would not only destroy the Empire, but once more throw the entire galaxy into confusion and chaos. Already, eighty-nine top SOTE agents had been killed in abortive attempts to put an end to this interstellar menace. Time was running out, so it was decided to call in Jules and Yvette d'Alembert - the two greatest aerialists in the Circus of the Galaxy who were also SOTE's most highly qualified specialist security agents. Their mission - to find the Patent and destroy it!

The Imperial Stars is the first in E. E. 'Doc' Smith's spectacular new ten-volume space series featuring the amazing Family d'Alembert. Watch out for each thrilling Family d'Alembert saga as it appears in Panter Science Fiction.

Stranglers Moon

The Clockwork Traitor

Getaway World

Appointment at Bloodstar (aka The Bloodstar Conspiracy)

The Purity Plot

Planet of Treachery

Eclipsing Binaries

The Omicron Invasion

Revolt of the Galaxy

Lord Tedric

Lord Tedric

The Space Pirates

Black Knight of the Iron Sphere

Alien Realms


Spacehounds of IPC

The Galaxy Primes

Masters of Space

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