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This Author Guide for Jack Higgins provides a bibliography of Jack Higgins' works. Blurbs are also included to help you decide whether his books are for you or not. Blurbs are taken directly from copies of Jack Higgins' books as they come available to sell in our eBay Store - Secondhand Bookstore.

Did you know that Jack Higgins is an alias of Harry Patterson? Harry Patterson has also written as Martin Fallon, James Graham & Hugh Marlowe. Some of his books have been re-released under different psuedonyms.

We take all care with our Author Guides but in the event we have made errors or they are not up-to-date, please feel free to contact us and let us know so we can update them for you. We hate reading spelling and grammatical errors too, so contact us if you find them and we'll make them disappear.

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Paul Chavasse (originally written as Martin Fallon)

The Testament of Caspar Schultz

'Among the greats of the high adventure story-tellers' Evening News

Somewhere in Germany was hidden a manuscript that would rock Wesern Europe to its foundations: the testament of Caspar Schultz. Once a prominent Nazi, and long believed to be dead, Schultz could soon be hailed as the author of the most shattering confessions ever to make print.

Paul Chavasse, British Intelligence's toughest trouble-shooter, was hired to track the former Nazi down and secure the manuscripts. But he soon discovered that he wasn't the only one who wanted to get his hands on the book. And some of his rivals would go to any lengths - including murder - to get it.

Year of the Tiger

The Keys of Hell

Midnight Never Comes

The Dark Side of the Street

An explosive action thriller, revealing the blackest side of crime

The Organisation was all-powerful, and the Baron's word was law. A sinister villain's network, raking profits from all fields of crime.

But one man is ready to storm them, and bring 'Babylon' crashing down...

For Harry Youngblood, it means finding a new identity. Burying his own criminal past, then finding ways to attack the veil at its roots. Each step brings him closer to betrayal, until there's only one way left to fight...

'A compulsively readable storyteller' Sunday Express

'A master craftsman. His writing is cool and measured, his technical control seems effortless' Sunday Telegraph

A Fine Night for Dying

The death of a gangster draws super-spy Paul Chavasse into a breathtaking adventure on the high seas - an unforgettable tale from oe of the true masters of modern thriller writing.

Caught in the nets of a local fishing boat, the body of gangland boss Harvey Preston is dragged from the English Channel, wrapped from head to toe in heavy chain. British intelligence suspects a connection with a cross-channel smuggling ring. But as undercover agent Paul Chavasse embarks on what will be one of the most dangerous cases in his extraordinary career, he soon discovers that this is no small-time operation - and the ruthless men behind it will stop at nothing to protect their precious cargo.

'Open a Jack Higgins novel and you'll encounter a master craftsman at the peak of his powers... first-rate tales of intrigue, suspense and full-on action' Sunday Express

'The master craftsman of good, clean adventure' Daily Mail

Day of Judgement

Nick Miller

The Graveyard Shift

Brought in Dead

Hell is Always Today

Liam Devlin

The Eagle Has Landed

Touch the Devil

'A thriller writer in a class of his own' Financial Times

Frank Berry. A fixer with a track record to rival the best. When the Russians demand a blueprint of the latest NATO missile system, Barry is the one man left alive who can deliver the goods...

Unless Martin Brosnan gets there first. A Vietnam-trained killer with a diploma earned the hard way in the ranks of the IRA - and sprung from a prison hell hole to help British Intelligence fight the good fight.

But there's an old saying. First touch the devil and you can't let go...

'100 per cent proof adventure' New York Times


'Do I presume that you gentlemen believe that the man Kelly, or Cuchulain to give him his codename, is actually active in Ireland...'

Mikhail Kelly's credentials were impeccable. Russian mother, Irish father hanged by the British. He could split an apple - or a head - across a large room with a handgun. And his special talent was acting. The KGB gave him the perfect part... assassin.

For more than twenty years Cuchulain has created chaos, fear and disorder in Ireland by hitting counter-productive targets on both sides of the border, making fools of British Intelligence and the IRA. But Cuchulain is a man whose time is nearly up. The one person who can identify him is the beautiful Tanya Voroninova, daughter of a KGB general. And the one person who can persuade her to defect is Liam Devlin, poet, scholar, IRA gunman retired.

Hunted by the combined forces of British Intelligence, the IRA and the KGB who now regard him as an expendable embarrassment, Cuchulain prepares to hit the most counter-productive target of all time...

'Moving along at breakneck speed... a thriller in his unique vein which will once more delight the converted and convert not a few of the newly delighted' Books and Bookmen

The Eagle Has Flown

In 1975 Jack Higgins wrote The Eagle Has Landed - one of the greatest war stories of all time. Now Liam Devlin returns in the Devastating sequel.

Operation Eagle: brainchild of SS Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler and the war's most audacious plot. A spectacular attempt to assassinate Winston Churchill on British soil in the autumn of 1943...

By the end of 1943 British Intelligence had ensured that most of the evidence concerning the abortive mission had been carefully buried in a common unmarked grave in the small Norfolk village of Studley Constable.

But not all...

Untarnished by defeat, ringleader Liam Devlin, scholar, poet and IRA gunman, is still at large in mainland Europe. Commanding officer Kurt Steiner, now captive in the Tower of London, is miraculously still alive. From Wewelsburg Castle, Himmler's orders are chillingly clear...

... the Eagle must return!

'An action packed mosaic from an expert storyteller... the reader will happily fall into the net' New York Times

'Peerless entertainment' Daily Mail

Dougal Munro & Jack Carter

Night of the Fox

Cold Harbour

The Time: 1944

The Place: Cornwall

The Mission: Cold Harbour

Craig Osbourne's war finished one dark night in 1944 when he was pulled from the sea by the crew of a German E-boat - helpless, half dead, frozen.

Until he found out who the Germans really were...

On the eve of D-Day, OSS was back in business - flying the flag of the Kriegsmarine. Which explained why the Allies deadliest killer was sent straight back behind enemy lines, sporting the uniform of a Colonel in the Waffen-SS.

It was dirty, terrible war. And when you play dirty, you don't play by the rules....

'Higgins is violently back on form in favourite territory. Unbelievably adventurous' Mail on Sunday

Flight of Eagles

Sean Dillon

Eye of the Storm

The IRA, ETA and PLO, Sean Dillon has worked for them all. His assassin's bullet is highly respected and highly priced. Now, in the middle of the Gulf War, the Iraqis need his services for a vicious terrorist strike; Target Britain.

The plan is to shake the world - wipe out key Western Government figures, and gain a massive propaganda coup. But on Dillon's tail are British Intelligence. They've found a killer to stalk a killer, a man with personal reasons to enter the storm...

... A man with bloody revenge etched into his soul

'Compulsive reading' Daily Mail

Thunder Point

On Dangerous Ground

Angel of Death

Drink with the Devil

The President's Daughter

The world's most powerful man. A beautiful young woman. A devastating threat to world peace - and Dillon

Weeks before vital new Middle East peace talks, panic breaks out in Washington as internal security is breached. In London, Brigadier Ferguson of Special Forces is contacted by an imprisoned IRA chief ready to tell all. And on a remote Mediterranean island, a young Frechwoman is forcibly abducted from her holiday home. The connection - a terrorist organization so brilliantly organized they have infiltrated the intelligence systemes of three superpowers...

In seven days, US President Jake Cazalet will be asked to sign the Nemesis agreement - ordering an immediate surgical strike on each of Israel's four hostile neghbours, precipitating a bloody Middle East war. If he doesn't, the terrorists will reveal the President's darkest secret. And then they will kill her...

'Our prime exponent of the popular novel' Sunday Express

The Whitehouse Connection

Day of Reckoning

Edge of Danger

Midnight Runner

Bad Company

'The master craftsman of good, clean adventure' Daily Mail

Undercover enforcer Sean Dillon tackles a nw crisis as Presidential skeletons threaten to burst from the closet - in the dramatic new thriller from the master of suspense, the author of the international bestsellers Day of Reckoning, Edge of Danger, and Midnight Runner.

In the waning days of World War II, Hitler gave his diary to a young aide, Baron Max von Berger, for safekeeping. Over the years, von Berger has used his inheritance to become one of the richest and most powerful men in the world, developing a secret alliance with the Rashid family - longtime foes of Major Ferguson of British Intelligence, his former-IRA enforcer Sean Dillon and their American colleague Blake Johnson.

Now the time for the ultimate confrontation is drawing near. The diary and its explosive revelations of a secret wartime meeting between emissaries of Hitler and Roosevelt will destroy the US President Jake Cazalet... unless Dillon can find it first.

'Open a Jack Higgins novel and you'll encounter a master craftsman at the peak of his powers... first-rate tales of intrigue, suspense and full-on action' Sunday Express

'Higgins makes the pages fly' New York Daily News

'Higgins is the master' Tom Clancy

Dark Justice

Without Mercy

The Killing Ground

Rough Justice

Rich and Jade

Sure Fire

Death Run


Sad Wind from the Sea

Cry of the Hunter

The Thousand Faces of Night

Comes the Dark Stranger

Hell is Too Crowded

Seven Pillars to Hell (Sheba) (originally as Hugh Marlowe)

Pay the Devil

The Dark Side of the Island

'A thriller writer in a class of his own' Financial Times

The Second World War took Captain Hugh Lomax to the Greek island of Kyros, with orders to destroy a vital Nazi stronghold. But, betrayed by those he trusted, he was captured and interrogated before escaping to safety in England.

Only when he returns to Kyros after the war can he uncover the truth behind the horrifying events which followed his departure - the brutal destruction of countless innocent lives.

It is a crime which has never been forgiven. And the penalty is execution...

'100 per cent proof adventure' New York Times

Passage by Night

'Readers of Higgins' bestselling Storm Warning will enjoy every breathless page' Publishers Weekly

His name was Harry Manning and he ran a charter fishing boat in the Bahamas. His past was murky, his reputation more so - and women adored him. He drank to forget, to forget his bitter memories of Cuba and how he'd barely escaped with his life. And Maria gave him the comfort of her body.

But one night Maria disappeared - another victim of Castro's violence. The emotions brewing in Harry boiled to the surface at last. He was going to find Maria's killers. And when he did...

But Harry's dreams of vengeance soon became a nightmare as he was brought face to face with Cuban tyranny in all its cruel insolence.

'Amond the greats of the high adventure tellers' Evening News

A Phoenix in Blood

Thunder at Noon (Dillinger)

Wrath of the Lion

A Candle for the Dead (originally as Hugh Marlowe)

The Iron Tiger

East of Desolation

In the Hour Before Midnight

Night Judgement at Sinos

A Game for Heroes (originally as James Graham)

The Last Place God Made

Toll for the Brave

Ellis Jackson woke up hugging a twelve bore shotgun. In the next room, his mistress and his best friend lay naked on the bed, their heads blown to pulp. Back in England at last, Ellis Jackson had finally cracked.

Active combat, a Viet Cong prison camp and the callous treachery of his lover and interrogator, Madame Ny, had all taken ther toll. Ellis Jackson was out of his mind. Or was he?

Maybe it would have been easier to take if he really had been mad.

The Wrath of God (originally as James Graham)

The Savage Day

The Khufra Run (originally as James Graham)

A Prayer for the Dying

The Run to Morning (Bloody Passage) (originally as James Graham)

Storm Warning

The Valhalla Exchange

To Catch a King (The Judas Gate)


Luciano's Luck


'It can't go on. We'll run out of pilots. We need more Exocets...'

As the Task Force sailed south to increasingly certain conflict, British Intelligence deployed its own very secret weapon.

As the Argentinian fighters flew again and again against the fleet, as the Harriers fought valiantly back, as push came to shove, the one missile that could take out a Type 42 destroyer ran low in the arsenals of Argentina.

One man could get Galtieri the Exocets he needed. A flamboyant air force flyer, the Richthofen of the Seahawk squadrons. And he was targeted by a blonde beauty, the ex-wife of an SAS officer... shapely, seductive and expendable.

Two things just might get in the way. The KGB, always on the sidelines. And love, always waiting in the wings of war...

'The Higgins factor will sell it in six-packs' The Guardian

A Season in Hell

Memoirs of a Dance Hall Romeo


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