Auto Battery Buyer Guide (Starting Battery)

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Thanks for reading this brief message for some simple guides or more likely some info provided to assist you buy a right battery for your car.

We know how terrible it is if you could not start your car and how hard it could be to find the right battery for your car. Here is Best Batteries' brief introduction on buying starting batteries for your car by your own.

To make it simple and short, let's make it a few steps.

First step: How to inquire about the battery you after if you do not know what you after?

below will be some information you may want to provide before asking advice for any source of suppliers

1, what is your previous battery model: brand, CCA rating, dimensions, part number etc.

2, what is your car model: maker, year made, model details

3, terminal layout of your previous battery ( most buyer forget that part, but it is very important --different terminal layout means different battery, which is why we put pictures to assist you convey the info precisely)

Once the above information are provided, we could know what could fit in your car.

Second step: Choose the one you after, pickup or deliver

1, Choose the one you after from store, read the description of the battery carefully to double check the measurement, CCA and so on.

2, Please check the availability of the stocks you after in your state (SYD-NSW, BRIS-QLD, MELB-VIC) to secure your order. Most of the times we have plenty of stocks, however, please kindly double check to book.

3, Advise the delivery address, please also include CONTACTABLE NUMBER (MB preferred), POST CODE and try to choose the address where there will be someone to recieve the stock.

4, For Pick Up: please kindly advise your pick up time. Our warehouse is open from Mon-Fri from 10am -4:30pm for pickup and PM pick up is preferred.

Third step: After recieving the batteries you bought

1, Alway keep receipt

2, If you have the battery charger, it would be good for recharge the battery before first use, especially those Supreme batteries, which would give you better performance and longer service life.

Above is just some points we think might help you when purchasing, welcome to share with us your experience and feel free to correct or give any comments about the guide.

Hope you all enjoy our products!

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