Automatic Transmission Buying Guide

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Automatic Transmission Buying Guide

Automatic transmissions are more popular than manual transmissions amongst drivers today because, as the name suggests, the "automatic" nature of the system makes it less complicated to operate. There are many different types of automatic transmissions to choose from, and each alters the way a car drives and performs. Whether they are professional mechanics or just learning the ropes, buyers should understand the automatic transmission system as well as the different types and how they work.


Automatic vs. manual transmissions

The transmission system in a vehicle controls power. Traditionally, the driver accomplishes this by changing gears as a car's speed alters. This means swapping out different planetary gear sets within the transmission that allow for greater power distribution in accordance with increases and decreases in speed. With a manual transmission, drivers do this by depressing a clutch pedal and using a lever or shifter to change gear sets. An automatic transmission system does not require any input from the driver to switch gear sets as speed increases or decreases.

Advantages of an automatic transmission

There are several advantages to an automatic transmission system in contrast to the manual model. Not only is it easier to drive a vehicle with automatic transmission, it is often more practical. In high-traffic situations where speed constantly changes and drivers are forced to stop and start again, the cumbersome nature of putting the car into gear and shifting along with changes in speed can distract drivers from other hazards on the road. In addition, many newer automatic transmissions shift a car into gear much more rapidly than a driver can himself. This leads to greater power and an easier experience during rapid acceleration, such as when merging onto a highway.


Types of automatic transmissions

Although they have been around since the 1920s, the automatic transmissions of the 21st century are far more diverse and far-ranging than the original systems, which were mainly hydraulic. In fact, there are several sub-types that buyers should explore before committing to one.

Semi-automatic transmission

Also known as an automatic transmission with manual controls, the semi-automatic transmission offers drivers the best of both worlds: the control of a manual transmission and the convenience of an automatic. Cars with semi-automatic transmissions have computer technology that allows a driver to select the option of manually controlling the vehicle's transmission. The driver controls the car by operating a special shifting area or through the use of dual paddles located near the steering wheel. The dual paddles, also called paddle shifters, are more common in sports cars.

Continuously variable transmission

A continuously variable transmission (CVT) is a stark departure from a normal automatic or manual transmission principally because it does not use gears at all. Instead, CVT systems use two pulleys connected by a single belt, which alter their size in correlation to the "gear" that the vehicle needs in any given circumstance. The proposed advantage of CVTs is that they provide a more accurate gear ratio for a particular speed since they customise their size rather than use pre-determined sets for "first" or "second" gear ratios.

Dual clutch transmission

The dual clutch transmission (DCT) is most often found in high-end sports cars and is most well known for powering stylish Porsche vehicles. A high-tech transmission type, the DCT combines the features of both manual and automatic transmissions with the technology of in-car computers in order to use two clutches to shift gears. Drivers have the option of setting a DCT system into full automatic mode or using in-dash buttons or paddles to control the gear shifts themselves.

The addition of computer technology takes this one step further, allowing drivers to programme the system to control the gear shifting according to their particular driving style or road conditions. DCT systems have the capability to change gears at a much faster rate because of these computerised controls.


How to buy automatic transmissions on eBay

Buying a new transmission or component parts for the transmission you already have is easy when you shop on eBay. Not only is there a vast inventory of complete transmissions and parts, the reliable sellers offer them in new, used, and refurbished condition. To find what you need, begin with the search box located on any page, and type in keywords such as "Toyota automatic transmission". From there, it is easy to filter the list of results according to price, car model, and other factors. Arranging an in-person pickup from a local seller can bypass delivery fees.

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