Avoid being ripped off by the second chance scammers

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I buy and sell guitars on eBay, and for some reason, guitar sales seem to attract the scammers more than say, computer or camera sales. The most common scam, is a "second chance" offer, made not by the original seller, but by someone else, either using a legitimate but "hijacked" eBay account, or simply sending emails to all of the bidders on an item.

The first time I received one of these emails, it was sent from a legitimate eBay account, from someone who had high positive feedback, however, in the text of the email, it said "do not contact me through eBay, only through my email address", which immediately arouse suspicion.

The next time I received one of these emails, it was from a "fake" domain that didn’t exist and asked to contact the supposed seller directly through another email address. See below for the actual email. I like how it says "After receiving this offer you are obligated to contact the seller to accept or decline the offer". "Obligated"!

Anyway, good luck avoiding these people,




Message from eBay Member secondchanceoffers

Good news !!!

You expressed interest in an item titled (VOX Genuine English Model 12String Electric Phantom-Item number:7415868713) by bidding, however the auction has ended with another member as the high bidder. In compliance with eBay policy, the seller ( nowlandgoddard@gmail.com ) is making you this Second Chance Offer. The seller has issued this Second Chance Offer because the winning bidder of this auction was unable to complete the transaction.In compliance with eBay policy , the seller of this item is making this Second Chance Offer to you at your LAST BID PRICE. If you accept this offer, you will be able to exchange Feedback with the seller and will be eligible for eBay services associated with a transaction, such as fraud protection. To purchase this item,contact the seller at (nowlandgoddard@gmail.com ).After receiving this offer you are obligated to contact the seller (nowlandgoddard@gmail.com ),accept or decline the offer.

Thank you,


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