Avoiding Fake Wilson nSix One's and Ksix One's on ebay

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Looking to buy a Wilson Kfactor or nCode Six one? This guide will assure that your new racquet is not a fake. The Wilson kSix One's are very similar to the nSix One's and this guide can still be used to determine fakes. Refer to http://www.tennis-warehouse.com/viewlarge.html?PCODE=K61T for better pictures of a the kSix One Team and note the differences between that and the kSix One 95.

Many people purchase tennis racquets without knowing they are replica's or "fakes", in turn they suffer from arm problems, poor performance from the racquet and finally a racquet that will most likely snap during the stringing proccess.

Rule Number 1: Buy Nationally
If you buy from China or other countries, you stand a high risk of getting ripped off and losing your money.

Some sellers sell fake racquet, when a customer finds out that they had bought a fake racquet, they ask for a refund. But the seller says; "if you leave positive feedback, then i will refund your racket."
This is how they have such high positive feedback.

Rule Number 2: Ask them

The Following Shows Exactly what a GENUINE RACQUET would have:
Ask the seller for the serial number on the hologram sticker (if it has one) and then send an email to wilson

If you have already bought the racket, look for the following:

  • Check the Specifications of the racquet with the one from a genuine retailer, make sure that they match. Note, the weight can differ if you are looking at Strung Weight and Unstrung Weight.
  • A Red Dot in the middle of the PS at the top of the racket

  • The Wilson Hologram
    If you remove the Wilson Hologram. You will notice that it says "NOT FOR RESALE". If it does say that, then the racquet is most likely genuine. Also note that MOST FAKE RACQUETS HAVE THE WILSON HOLOGRAM, so don't be fooled.

  • Check For any paint defects, the overall paint should not be glossy for the nSix One's but SHOULD be glossy for the kSix One's.
    nSix One Team - Silver PS at the top of the racquet

         nSix One 95 - Yellow PS at the top of the racquet

  • Check the string pattern
    nSix One Team - 18 mains and 20 Crosses (Silver PS)
    nSix One 95 16 x 18 - 16 mains and 20 Crosses (Yellow PS)
    nSix One 95 18 x 20 - 18 mains and 20 Crosses (Yellow PS)
  • Check the Balance 
    Balance the racquet with your index finger at the place where it says "wilson" on the throat of the racquet. If the racquets head is heavier, then it is fake. If the grips side is heavier, then it is most likely genuine.

  • Count the Holes in different parts of the racquet and compare it to the real picture.

  • Grip Size
    Genuine Racquets will have the Grip Size Sticker. If your racquet doesn't, this means that it is counterfeit.

  • Barcode
    If you purchased your racquet brand new, it should have the barcode on the grip. Note that counterfeit racquets do not come with barcodes. This means that the racquet is most likely a fake.


I have received many thankful emails from people who have read this guide, thanks to all the people that voted. However, i cannot assist anyone with a purchase on ebay, i won't be able to really tell from the photo's provided by the seller. It is up to you to use this guide, follow the steps and determine for yourself.

Fake racquets are mostly from sellers in china, and the majority of nCodes and Kfactors on ebay are fake.

Also if the price of an racquet is TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, its definately not true. So don't be fooled, and don't buy from China.

Avoid all sellers from china, unless they can prove that it is real.

If you have found a fake racquet, immediatly return it or report it to ebay. http://pages.ebay.com.au/help/policies/replica-counterfeit.html

By Ashkon R.

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