Avoiding Negative Feedback - A Commonsense Approach

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This guide addresses negative feedback and outlines some steps on how to avoid not only giving it but also receiving it.

I have been fortunate enough throughout my eBay dealings not to have had too many negative expreiences with buyers or sellers. I have never received negative feedback and have left it on a few occasions.

The sad reality is that negative feedback and overall bad transactions can be avoided 99% of the time. All that is required is some communicaions boh both parties to come to a sound and gratifing conclusion.

Sellers -

ALWAYS LIST YOUR ITEMS HONESTLY. If your item is used then state that it is used. If it is marked or scratched then explain the exact naure of the blemish. It is always a very good idea to list the measurement of the item so the buyer will know exactly how big it is. If you are very clear about exactly what you are selling and what condition and size it is, the buyer shouldn't have any nasty surprises when they receive their goods.

A QUICK TURNAROUND IS CRUICIAL. There is nothing worse than waiting every day for something to arrive in the post only to be disappointed when it is not there. If the buyer is good enough to pay quickly then send their item quickly. If the post is going to be delayed because of public holidays then tell the buyer so they are prepared to wait that little bit longer.

A PROPERLY PACKED ITEM MEANS A SAFE DELIVERY. Pack all of your sold items properly and they will arrive in the condition they were meant to. Australia Post do not play footy with parcels but they are lugged around a fair bit. Always double box the really fragile items to help them on their way

COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY TO SUCCESSFUL SELLING. Always keep the buyer up to date with what is going on ie the money has been received - the item is posted. People want to know what is happening especially if they have paid money for it.

Buyers -

KNOW WHAT YOU ARE BUYING. If you are at all unsure about the specifics of the item you are bidding on, ask the seller. If the seller does not respond, don't bid on it. If the seller is at all half way decent, they will be logging on to eBay on a daily basis to keep an eye out for questions. This is very important if you are buying clothing as we all know that clothing sizes differ from one manufactorer to another.

PAY PROMPTLY. Just as sellers should post promptly, quick payment is important. It fosters goodwill between buyers and sellers and it keeps the transaction moving quickly. If there is a drama with paying, let the seller know ASAP. Most sellers are very understanding but they need to know the what the go is to be understanding.

COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY TO SUCCESSFUL SELLING. If you are not happy with the way a transaction is going OR there is something not right with the item when it arrives, talk to the seller BEFORE leaving feedback. Again, most sellers are good people who will want to come to a mutually satisfying resolution. Don't leave negative feedback without the courtesy of contacting the seller and giving them a chance to rectify your concerns. And don't be too quick to jump the gun if you have failed to read the description properly. If the seller went to the trouble of writing it in the listing, best that the buyer goes to the trouble of reading the listing.

There will always be fraudulant people buying and selling on eBayer and they are they people who truely deserve the negative feedback. Think carefully about leaving bad feedback though.. It's on your permanent record and it can influence your buying and selling in future transactions. It can also warn people off a person who really deserves avoidence.


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