Avoiding Scam Sellers & Save Money Headaches

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Rule 1. If a deal seems way too good to be true.

It almost certainly is!

Rule 2. Always check the sellers credibility in detail!

Scam Sellers are always a problem no matter where you are buying and I have seen them appearing on ebay lately and wanted to warn people on ways to watch out for them because I was nearly burnt once.

The first thing to remember is Rule 1. More than likely that deal for a new laptop for a steal bargain price is a scam especially if it is half the retail and is in a foreign country with money transfer the only option for selling.

Real people want real money and theives will only take what they can get from people who just dont know when a bargain is not a bargain.

Check your Sellers Credibility!

This is an easy task. Firstly look at the sellers other item sales.

If they are all big ticket items going for the same price or ending at the same time then its more than likely that this may be a scam.

Further investigate what they seller has been selling previously.
Are the items at all like the item they are selling now? 

Scam artists it seems use small fake auctions to build a fake credibility. They are all usually low ticket items sold to other identities that are more than likely themselves on ebay to build their fake credibility.

If you look carefully at their buyers and their credibility and what they sell they are all similar in nature or kind. Small items to build fake credibility.

Its easy to spot and will save you trouble by not buying with them.

If you ever contact a seller and they state that they will sell immediately outside of ebay the item by wire-transfer or money order you are probably about to get scammed.

Be wise with buying and you wont get burned.


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