Avoiding poor service and poor product

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We've been told to be weary of cheap fake imitations of brand products from Asia. This problem has been more common in two areas, one been in the clothing industry and the other in the IT industry. Running a computer store, it is important for us to ensure our customers get genuine items and not to be persuaded by the cheap-imitations that some of our competitors might be selling.

You can spot the imitations quite easily, usually they are the ones with multiple auctions with only 0.99 cents on the bid but have an extremely outragous shipping price tag attached to it (its a good way to avoid paying fees and to suck customers in to think they are getting a good deal). Another way to spot imitations is to check the item location. If they are from Singapore, Shang Hai, Hong Kong, etc chances are they are fake. Be sure to buy in Australia if you can, not only does it keep piece of mind that you are covered by the Office of Fair Trading, but you also ensure that you are buying to help the Australian economy.

Another problem with buying from these imitation sellers is that usually you receive bad customer service after you receive (or didn't receive) your item. All too often you'll never hear from them again after you've paid your money, usually you're hoping that the item actually arrives and is in good condition when it does.

I've had one experience where I've bought pants and found out they were non-authentic and the product had faults in it. Once I opened a dispute, it was never adhered to nor was my questions ever answered. People & Ebay always tell people to 'check members feedback', but instead they should always tell people to check members negative feedback to find traits and flaws in the seller. This particular seller had a fair amount of negative feedback, with customers insisting that their concerns were never answered and faults in products were never addressed. The seller always had a one-liner for every negative feedback 'NEVR IGNORED CUSTUMER! I SENT NEW ONE BUT U DIDNT OLD ONE BACK'. He never answered your questions but was all so quick to answer to your negative feedback. So in the end, the seller was a liar and been deceptful to people who gave him money for a service.

So always remember these things when you purchase your next item on ebay, maybe we can all learn from my experience as a customer.

On a good note though, it has been a learning curve that has helped me to achieve the way I run my new ebay computer store, ensuring customer service is given to all my customers, both before and well after a sale, and that authentic items are sold to ensure I do my bit for the economy.

Happy bidding and buying,

Brisbane North Sellers Computer Store

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