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RULE 1:  In any auction don't get caught up in a bidding war set your limit before you bid and stick to it, In most cases you will have another chance to bid on the same type of item either from the same seller or someone else. This way you will not over spend and won't kick yourself in the butt for being so impatient.

RULE 2;  If you like bidding in the last few seconds bid the amount your happy to pay in most cases you will win as a lot try to creep the bids and end up missing out.

 RULE 3:  If your uncertain about the discription or the picture in listing ask questions before you bid. ( Is the picture of the item listed as it looks today) # Sample # Someone selling a car picture looks great but the pic may have been taken years ago not what the car looks like today.

RULE 4: Check feedbacks and read them thats what they are there for.

This ones for new ebayers

   Once an auction has a bid or has ended the seller cannot change any of the discription details or pictures.

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