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Dear Ebayers,

First of all I would like to thank all the new and old Ebayers to read this report ; which i think will help ebayers all around the globe to shop smart. So here in my report i will try to give some tips which i have learnd from my ebay experience.

1. Always try to buy from your local Ebay website. i.e. if  you are in Australia it's a better idea to buy from an aussie seller. And you can get the delivary fast , you may save any Duty and Taxes !

2. When you buy from an oversease seller always look for the PayPal sign. Becoz PayPal is the only safe way of paying any foreign seller . And its easy, hassle free and as a bonus it can cover you up to $1500(inAUD). So in most unlikely event you can claim your money back.

3. Before you place a bid check the seller's feedback score. Check how many customers left him positive or negitive feedback. It's vary important to see what the buyer said about the seller.

4. Also check how long the seller is being a member of Ebay. As ofcourse a Ebayer with a longer membership means he is more reliable.

5. If you are buying or biding from a oversease seller make sure you check their feedback and the sold items . You can do that by clicking in to 'read feedback' and then on the feedback page"item".

And also if the feedback is under 20 check the buyer's history who bought from him. Go to few buyers and check how long these buyers have been Ebay member. If these buyers became member at the same date. Its highly recomeded not to bid on that item. Coz i've found several Sellers have under 20 Feedback. And they received all their feedback at the same date. And also all the people boght from him became member at the same date.

6. Don't bid or buy ant thing that is too good to be true. Of course Ebay provide unbelivable burgain. But don't expect to buy a Xbox 360 for $100AUD or a ROLEX at $200AUD. Simply becoz it is not possible for anyone to sell at a prise that is way way too low that the actual prise.

7. If you find any item suspicus PLEASE report to the Ebay Security center. Coz this way Ebay can provide You and Us a safe market place.

8. Do not pay anyone with wire trasfer. Use Bank Trasfer, Money Order or the easyest way is to use PayPal. I always use PayPal and i recomend it to all Ebayer. On PayPal you can use either your credit card or your saving bank account. And PayPal is FREE.

9. Make sure your Ebay passward is differend from you PayPal and your email account's passward.

10. Make sure you regularly change your passward.

11. If u receive any mail in your email Inbox make sure you openup a new browser go to Ebay. open 'my ebay' check 'my mesages'."ANY EMAIL FROM EBAY SENT TO YOU WILL MUST BE IN YOUR EBAY MESSAGE BOX". If the mail that you got in your mail box is not in 'my ebay' than probably it's 'Spoof' mail.

12. For 'Spoof' mail dont open it . Forward it to Ebay security centre.

Well those are some of the tips I can give you from my Ebaying experience. If  these can help you in anyway i will be vary happy. thank you. And have a safe happy Ebay experience.

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