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Bring your artwork and imagination to life With Beados – the new beads that join magically with water Beados are the new and improved craft craze to hit Australia.
These bright, colourful beads magically join together with water to create fun designs.   
What’s different about Beados is that no heat or messy glue is required, meaning your mum will like them as much as you do!
Beados is also made using a brand new bead formula to ensure the coolest and safest playing experience for you.
With Beados, let your imagination run wild.
The beads come with amazing template designs to help you create fantastic characters and accessories, or even make your own designs.  
What’s more, the beads come in heaps of awesome stand-out colours; including glitter and glow in the dark Beados!
Making cool designs is really easy; all you have to do is follow three easy steps:

1. Make: Choose your design from the templates and load the beads into the Beados dispenser pen.
Select a colour and press the button to eject the beads onto the tray.

2. Spray: Spray your design with water.

3. Stay: Leave the beads for around ten minutes to magically join together.

Suitable for ages 4 and up

Q. What are “Beados”?

A. “Beados” are the new bead activity product from Moose Enterprise to replace “Bindeez”.
You use them in exactly the same way as you did the old beads from Moose that were voluntarily recalled.
Just lay out your design in the special tray as before then spray them with water and your artwork will magically set in place.

Q. Can I use Beados beads with Bindeez trays, templates, pens and non-bead accessories?

A. Yes you can. The Beados beads can be used with the Bindeez accessories.
However, the Bindeez beads that were recalled should not be used at all.

Q. Why do the new beads have ‘New Bead Formula’ on the packaging?

A. The bead has been reformulated with safer ingredients.
The beads are not designed for human consumption.
As a precaution to reduce the likelihood of children eating any beads, accidentally or deliberately, a bitter tasting compound has been added to make the beads unpalatable; this compound is part of the bead, not a coating. Moose Enterprise believe that while the ingredients are safer prevention is the best policy and therefore making the beads taste bitter will remove the attraction to consume them.

Q. What are these ingredients?
A. The ingredients are a trade secret.
What Moose Enterprise can tell you is that the beads are made from an inert plastic material often found in school and wood glues, materials approved for use in Cosmetic products and colours approved for use in Food and/or Cosmetics allowed to be in contact with all parts of the body including the mouth.
The embittering agent has a long history of safe use and is often found in household products that must not be consumed.

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