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JustSnipe - Become an eBay Auction Sniper today, stop wasting your hard earned money on eBay by getting into a bidding war, 95% guarantee for winning every eBay auction at the lowest possible price, don't be a victim of the professional eBay sniper, get even today and become an eBay sniper yourself.

We are Platinum Power Sellers of fine antique militaria and we do not like to see new to eBay members wasting their hard earned money by getting into a silly bidding war with other eBay members over the same item, plus we don't want you to miss out on that special item that you had your heart set on winning only to be a victim of the professional auction sniper on eBay.

The old bidding system of 'Incremental Bidding' meaning you place your bid slightly higher than the other persons bid with the hope that the other person bidding against you for the same item will just give up in the end and you win the auction, that is just a total waste of your money as quite often emotions take over as people start getting into this childish bidding war against each other just to win at all costs, psychological warfare as both bidders think that they are at total war with each other, and in the end what always happens both bidders are the big losers because the winner probably just paid way too much, as he or she could have won the very same item for much less using a sniper program and by using just a little common sense, sure you are a great big hero warrior as you beat your opponent in your fantasy war, but you just paid four times the actual collector's value. Conclusion incremental bidding is a total waste of your time and money.

'Proxy Bidding' this is what eBay prefers you to use so they take control of the situation to maximize their profit from an auction, the more the item sells for in the end the more profit eBay makes from the seller in sales commission, again it is a big waste of time and your money as this system works by you placing your maximum bid (setting a limit with eBay) that you are willing to pay for a particular item being auctioned, you have given eBay permission to gamble for you by placing all the bids for you, the eBay proxy bidding system takes over, eBay acts like a traditional auction house for you and carries out incremental bidding on your behalf until you have reached your maximum limit set and have either been outbid or you have won the auction, if the auction is still running and eBay has already bid the maximum amount set by you, they will e-mail to let you know that you have been outbid, asking you nicely to set a new proxy bidding limit telling you that you still have a chance to win. There is only one benefit that we can see and that is in the event that there is a close tie where two bidders are prepared to pay the exact same amount for an item, because you have used the eBay proxy bidding system the one with the earliest (first) exact same amount winning bid placed through eBay's system wins the auction, even if you have used a sniper program and have sniped the exact same amount with only a few seconds to go, as your bid with eBay system was placed first. This has probably happened to you? The auction has ended and the winning bid was the exact maximum amount that you bid, you will the receive an e-mail from eBay saying sorry you lost to a Proxy bid, Once again don't use this type of bidding system as it is most likely to turn into another bidding war and you end up paying way too much. Don't waste your time by placing your maximum $100. bid in at the start of a listed auction only to loose to an eBay sniper with only a few seconds to go, the sniper will always win.

'SNIPER PROGRAM'  The eBay sniper is the one that outbids you in the final few seconds before auctions end and you lose, it has all happened to us, we see the end of the auction you have what you thought was the highest winning bid, only to receive an e-mail from eBay that you have been outbid, you are furious and in total disbelieve, what just happened? You have just been Sniped.

We always use the Sniper System and have so for many years, we don't like wasting our money and like buying real bargains with a sure fire guarantee of winning the item at the lowest possible price. The are many Sniper programs available, simply by typing into the Google search engine 'auction sniper' we recommend JustSnipe there are at least 25 other auction sniper services, we have tried a few different ones and vote JustSnipe as the best. The first thing you do is become a member, you will need to create a username and password, in order for this service to snipe and win auctions for you will have to give them your your eBay username and eBay password, yes, your information will be 100% secure. Most sniper services offer some free weekly snipes usually around 5 per week. Just try this introductory free service, it will cost you nothing if you stick with the 5 free snipes only, if you want unlimited sniper capabilities then there is a fee of  just $5.USD a month.

Why does this Sniper system win nearly every auction for you? It uses a highly advanced computerized bidding system that is so lightning fast that it will bid your maximum bid within the last 3 seconds before auction finish, it would be impossible to place a bid like this sitting in front of your computer, this is why all the professionals are eBay snipers, they will never bid on an item until 3 seconds before auctions finish.  It is such a simple program to use, you simply log into your sniper account, then scan eBay for the items that you want, cut and paste the eBay auction numbers that you want to win, enter your maximum bid, enter the lead time, we recommend 3 Seconds before auction finish, and you are done, then just sit back relax and forget about it, as everything is done for you even while you are sleeping.  

The lucky 13.cent tip, a professional sniper tactic is to just add an extra 13.cent to your maximum snipe, for example your maximum bid is $150. make it $150.13 this tactic works and will beat most opponents. Most bidders place an even amount lets say $150. that extra 11. or 13. cents will win you the auction, always make it an uneven amount and win.

Stay away from .99 cent auctions, it looks good in the search listings, when you see an item with 29 bids, lots of bids attract attention, it just creates bid rage, bidders getting sucked in to retaining that winning feeling at all costs. Most sellers that use the 99. cent auctions, especially on very high priced collectables worth hundreds of dollars 'Shill Bid' meaning they have dummy eBay accounts that they use to push up the price of the auction artificially, they normally use their computers at work or a computer at a friends place, or even get a friend to push up the bids for them, as the computer they normally use to list their items with is closely monitored by eBay, even if they create dummy eBay accounts on their home computer they would get caught out, they just push the crap out of naive bidders' early proxies -  if you see this happening report it to eBay immediately, as it is illegal. If you look through eBay Australia you will immediately spot the sellers that are Shill Bidders. No one would risk to list an item worth $500 to start bidding at .99 cents.

So don't be a victim of the eBay Sniper, become one yourself today, you will be amazed how much money you will save -especially in these hard economic times every cent counts.


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