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 Loving oneself must be the greatest gift of friendship anybody can bestow.
To embrace all that you are means coming to terms that you are human and mistakes are going to happen along the way. It's what we choose to do when we fall down that makes all the difference. As it's said, "Fall down seven times get up eight. You betcha! 


When the end of another week waves the flag and you fall in a heap on the couch with a bowl of spaghetti and a glass of red, you just have to welcome that inner sigh of bliss to be at home again without the sound of ringing phones, keyboard taps and the click, click, click of high heels up and down corridors.

The silence is golden, that is until the telly gets switched on and those darn louder then life commercials pipe up. Good grief. Unfortunately this is exactly what the 'Smile along to Get along' Sorts end up feeling when once again behind closed doors though comforted by their own surroundings, they must contend with their ongoing daily inner agony of feeling alone and unable to cope.

These are the hearts that believe they might walk alone always. Even in a room filled with people they say they feel isolated and struggle to operate confidently and comfortably within their own skin. But nobody would have ever guessed it. No, these souls are so good at fooling others into thinking they are strong and capable and true survivors that what they truly desire and feel continues to get squashed into recess until anxiety symptoms start to make unwanted rules. Those barking commercials! 'You WANT this, you NEED this, NOW!
How about No??. 'No I don't want anything because I am tired and irritable and just want to be left alone.' Respect does not come to those who demand it but it does come to those who assertively learn to respect themselves first. Then like a road map others know how it is they should relate to you simply because you lead the way. Of course this takes time and effort. Whatever it is though that helps you feeling stronger and happier when it comes to inner emotional and better physical health, then do it.


Go for a Walk, Relax under a tree, Read a book, have a Cuppa in the sun, visit EMPORIUM EVE- PHANTAS.

Perhaps most importantly is make time for your immediate family. Your spouse and your kids. Nobody is like them and never will be. Take time to connect or perhaps learn to reconnect. Of course, equal positive input from all members of the family contribute to building a lasting union that not only benefit the maintainance levels of 'HAPPY' but go on to ensure a long life.
Loving oneself first in a healthy way by recognising your strengths and limitations and accepting them is the start to greater relations all round and even lower stress levels so that now, when those noisy adverts blurt rudely into your space you suddenly see humour in them because your coping mechanisms are so much better. You find youself stating, " No thanks, I really am busy right now but we could catch up next week." 


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