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This is not to discriminate all sellers on Ebay, only those who knowingly do the wrong thing.

Please be aware when buying mobile phones: not so long ago I brought a mobile off an ebay member, one of the latest on the market at the time for $400+. The phone worked fine for a while then the connection for the charger became loose, ( that wasn't the problem.) When I took it to a repair shop to get fixed they took the backing off the phone and asked me when I dropped it into liquid. I said I hadn't, They told me the phone had definately been dropped into liquid as on the battery there is a sticker or something that changes colour once it has been wet.

The Australian member I brought it from had a fair bit of  positve feedback 30+, I had deleted the transaction by then and thought there was probably nothing that could be done so I didn't pursue it.

Just to let others know of a lesson I have learnt the harder way, and be fully aware of what you are bidding on.




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