BEWARE: Fake Jeans! (Ksubi)

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If you're reading this, then you're most likely curious to know how to tell the fakes from the real. Everyone who searches for jeans from leading companies such as Ksubi and Nudie Jeans Co will easily know that the denim produced by these two companies can easily cost $200-$300. Who doesn't want to wear designer jeans? So what's your best solution if you don't have the moolah to buy it from a store? Look on eBay!

Unfortunately, there have been a lot of dishonest sellers lately. I'm not going to name and shame them, you can easily find out after reading this guide.

How to spot the fake Ksubi

Best option is ALWAYS to ask the seller for pictures of the actual item.

Read the description!
The jeans are most likely fake if the seller has not guaranteed any sort of authenticity. Scammers will usually write things like "100% Quality" or "100% Brand New". If you're after a legitimate pair, steer away from these types of auctions. However, it doesn't hurt to ask the seller if they're 100% authentic. Again, if the seller gives an unclear answer, don't bother with them. Honest sellers would usually write things such as "100% Authentic or your money back" and provide enough pictures of the actual product to prove its authenticity.

Still confused?

If the seller has provided pictures of the product. Here's how to tell if they're real:

One of the easiest way to tell if the jeans are fake is by looking at the famous [+][+] on the left thigh of Ksubi jeans. They are NEVER symmetrical. Never EVER. They should ALWAYS look like the original logo:

Still unsure? The next best thing is ask the seller for a picture of the authenticity tag. That is, the tag stitched on the waistband above the right pocket. This is different to the size tag. This tag should contain the serial number, the name of the cut and the wash. Without this tag, you can forget about purchasing a cheap pair of authentic Ksubi jeans (unless the seller has cut it off, in which case, would be downright stupid!). It should look something like this:

Other features of authentic Ksubi jeans are the VV---- stitching on the crutch, left and right thigh. It should all be going in one direction and should look more like VX rather than VV or W. The size tag, on older Ksubi jeans are on stitched on the waistband, whilst the newer ones are stitched on the left front pocket. If some Ksubi jeans are BNWT, the tag should be attached to the jeans with a thin BLACK string, not the brown straw-string material. When you receive the jeans, the tag should be firm and should not be soft or bendy. The colour should also be darker. In this picture, the tag on the left is authentic and the tag on the right is fake. Note the colour:

I hope this review has somewhat helped. If you have anymore queries, please do not hesitate to contact me. Also, help the eBay community by reporting scammers! These scumbags don't deserve the right to keep selling on eBay. Lastly, please ALWAYS read the seller's feedback!

UPDATE: Ksubi have significantly updated their trademark tags etc. etc. Whilst this guide may still be usefull, it is still important to check with your local authorised Ksubi retailer.

Thanks for reading guys and gals :)

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